New harvest pics!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sidious, Feb 15, 2003.


what do you's think?

  1. dank, it never smoke it!!

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  2. not bad....bong smoke

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  3. good shit....!!

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  4. the ultimate shiznit!

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  1. well i just cut down the last plant....nothing normal except with this one i messed around with the fert, i started her off on a 1/4 solution of miricle grow 15-30-15 and then increased to the point where i was actually giving it double the rcommended dose of fert.....this actually prolonged the flowering phase by an extra 2 weeks and has in turn increased the yield, by what i guess to be approx 15-20%....don't know if this is common practice with some growers, however the proof is in the pudding so i'll just have to wait till it's dry and cured and let you's know how it's some pics just before i started to dry it.......Peace out....Sid
  2. lol....yeah having trouble getting the pics up.....gimme a min.....Peace out....Sid
  3. pic 1

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  4. pic 2

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  5. pic 3

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  6. fuck ... i need to get me a decent light ... so i can attempt to grow shit like that ...

    very nice buds sid
  7. pic 4

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  8. pic 5

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  9. well i've asked a few people to smell it and they all think it smells like eucalyptus, and the smoke is smooth but strong....take a big hit and you will feel it, on the throat, kinda for effect, one bowl and you feel it....or one joint and you'll be dioing well to smoke 2.....well put it this way, it makes you very forgetfull, not something to smoke before your gonna go out as you'll forget your keys and shit......giggly....and then quite tired in that for ass kicking, hell no how could i ever beat my master??.........not too bad £10 for 10 now i have to decide what to grow next......any suggestions?.....Peace out......Sid
  10. Looks great to me Sid, congrats on a beautiful harvest.

    I've been thinking about trying Mazar, maybe someone would want to make a trade *cough* mcurry *cough*. I also want to try any strain x White Rhino, or Cinderella 99.
  11. funnily enough i was thinking of the 2 same strains..."cough ...cough" well as vietnam black.....Peace out.....Sid
  12. What kind of lights did you use and where did you get the seeds...

    also are those female or male plants?

    Very very very NICE pis
    shit they go to my screensavers

    Special!!!!that I toke at 419 forget 420
  13. theyre females dude. i just want to say thats some of the criystaliestest shit i have ever seen. nice one man nice one.
  14. mmmm...mmmm...good

    those sure look much more apatizing than the ball of resin i have. and than anything i can get in this area for that matter.

    good job, looks like you will be in a daze for a while.
  15. is this the bud u got?
  16. yes that is the bud you get.....pic 2 and pic 5 combined = the total for the plant, i had to cut off 2 stems as they were too far under the soil to cut the whole plant, as i had to re-sink it into the pot when it was young......Peace out....Sid

    ps you know it never ceases to amaze me the fact that someone allways votes for the weed being the worst, lol, but hey if that person was offered it i'm sure they'd knock it out.....Sid
  17. btw Sid, dank in the states means it's pretty good!
  18. LMAO......bloody i mean.....i thought it meant there a word that close to that meaning bad and shitty?.....oh wait maybe i was thinking of dirt that it??.......Peace out....Sid
  19. lol...schwag, or is it shwag...i'm not sure lol

    yea, dirt weed is the same thing too

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