New Harold and Kumar Trailer

Discussion in 'Movies' started by dr.ganja, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. Anyone seen the trailer? Personally I think it looked pretty bad.
  2. Can we get a link?
  3. Link please :smoking:
  4. Yeah I saw it.Cant be too bad its roldy and Kumar!
  5. Im on my phone at the moment man so, im not sure how to post links because i use the youtube app. But its on youtube so it wont be that hard to find.
  6. I think it looks funny. They still used the classic Harold and kumar comedy.
  7. Ehh, didn't look to bad but sequals almost are always wack..
  8. Another one?
  9. Damn not a fucking christmas movie....

    I'll watch it but I'm not paying to see this shit.
  10. [ame=]A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas Trailer 2011 HD - YouTube[/ame]

    NPH, FTW

    Rest of movie, meh
  11. I'm not going to lie, that looked really fucking awful. I'm hoping that's because they couldn't show the funny stuff in the trailer.
  12. I wouldn't pay for it.
  13. I am pretty stoked for the movie regardless of what the trailer looks like. I have seen plenty of movies that had a terrible trailer and turned out to be a great movie.
  14. wow... can you say steaming pile of shit?
  15. I think it looks good. It's the third movie yeah, but harold and kumar is like the cheech and chong or the jay and silent bob of this day and age.
  16. don't judge a movie by a shitty trailer

    it looks all right, nph is a boss.
  17. It's probably gonna suck like the 2nd one did..
  18. I bet its gonnna be good. The first 2 were great
  19. Looks pretty decent, I can imagine it'll be funny.

    But, tbh, the 3D thing is getting old. It used to be reserved for specific movies that had mass amounts of scenes that would look doper coming out at you. Now, they write specific scenes into a movie just to use 3D for them.
  20. This. 3D is played out for real, so is neil patrick harris. He's not funny at all

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