New Hampshire house passes bill to legalize

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  1. the whole country is tokin up :bongin: :metal:
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    The whole country has been toking up. No ones hiding it anymore!
  3. Yo I did not see this coming lol
  4. I hope it gets signed. Pa is only a few hours away. Congrats
  5. Its time for the whole goddamn tristate to legalize
  6. It passed today in the legislation of NHs' lower chamber, 170-162. It awaits their Governors signature, which she has stated oppisition to. Its unfortunate that she isn't listening to her states constituents like the rest of her states political parties seem to be. Hopefully her thinking will change between now and the time the paperwork is in front of her. Good luck New Hampshire, I'm rooting for you!!!
  7. Legalization seems to be happening much more quickly than I anticipated it would.
    Way to go, NH! Hopefully Arkansas gets the memo before too long.
    North Carolina , South Carolina , Georgia , Virginia , Tennessee.....The South will be the last . Dead last .
    I'm not so sure about that. In 2012, an MMJ initiative that was on the ballot just BARELY lost (49-51, I believe).
    Since then, statewide approval of MMJ has gone up quite a bit.
    That being said, we currently have 2 new MMJ initiatives on the ballot, which I expect to pass.
    Which State?
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    More like Alabama and Mississippi... They are backwards as hell! Also, I've look up how some of these southern states are handling things and they are slowly actually starting to talk about decriminalizing/medical but I am sure it will be a while before they actually put it up for a vote. At least it's a start.
    This. Hell, even Mississippi has medical and decriminalized weed. As does New Mexico.
    It's about time for Arkansas to jump on the bandwagon.
  14. But will decriminalizing weed really do . anything?

    Isn't it decriminalized in virginia or something and nyc as well but people still get fucked just as bad with miniscule amounts like a gram or less?
    Decrim. drops possession down from a felony to a misdemeanor. People still get fucked, just not quite as hard.
    It may not be legalization, but it's definitely a step in the right direction.
  16. in NJ a misdmeanor still leaves a record. I'm talking about just being caught with even less than a gram or even having a pipe with resin. This record will ruin ones chance of getting a job and or go to school. It also comes with tons of fines and probation+fees.

    I'm assuming not many people walk around with an oz or more in their pockets. An oz+ is a felony in NJ as well as having it bagged up. I'm not aware of any states that have a felony charge for carrying around a couple grams? Again assuming most recreational users only carry around 2-4gs in their pockets.
  17. They do??? Wow I'm surprised by that simply because they still had segregated schools up until a few years ago I think.
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    decriminalization is a sham! 
    North Carolina Decriminalized Years ago . Nothing has changed  . People everyday going to jail for Cannabis . its on the news almost daily here ...
    Decriminalization does not work at all .

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