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New Hampshire dank

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by stonerforumname, Mar 11, 2012.

  1. picked up an eighth of this no name purple dank earlier today.

    I'm not usually a hufe fan of purple but this one had me ripped, not such a sleepy high more up a huge mindfuck with body mellowing effects, was super nice. It reeks of pungent skunk and Diesel fuel. Kind of smacks you in the face when you open the jar.

    i'll try to get the pics with a better camera soon.

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  2. Doesn't look very purple to me.
  3. really bad camera, took it with an ipod touch hahaah, but it's definitely purple.
  4. Yo i bet its pretty good bud. Wherre you at in nh? Im like near the haverhill/salem line
  5. I'm in southern nh kind of near nashua and like 30 min from mass border
  6. Used to live in the rindge/keene area. Buds where always dank. Nice pickup OP
  7. In the Keene area here. You can get some decent bud here, no troubles finding dank.
  8. Thanks man, wish I could find the charger cord to my camera to show how frosty they are, the only thing that's a little messed about them is there's tiny parts of some sugar leaf that look like they got burnt from being too close to a light, but most of it is trimmed off, that's why you can see some yellow spots on the nugs, otherwise these things are straighr frosty and have a great cure, the bud burnt up real nice and tastes great. A really sweet typical purp taste with some skunky kushyness flavors coming through as well.
  9. North Conway area here. You can get some ok stuff here, every once in awhile rediculous stuff will come around from various festivals.

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