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New Guy

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Grows Naturally, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. whats up everyone im new here and just wanting to make some smoking buddies lol. ive been on paper since 2009 :'( imagine that. im getting so sick of this "spice" garbage, but im about to get off soon so i want to be ready for what ive been waiting for for 3 years. i came to look for cool tips for homemade pieces, cool smoking stories, cool stories in general, growing tips, and genuine smoking fun. once im off paper ill be posting pics and maybe vids. but untill then I STAY STRONG and i still represent what im about>> for lots of cool info about the uses of the cannabis plant besides gettin blazed
  2. Gah legals not even worth it. Id rather get drunk then smoke that shit and that's saying something cuz I hate being drunk. Welcome to the boards.
  3. Have you smoked herb recently? Extended use of synthetic cannabinoids can cause extreme tolerance.
  4. ya been smokin it TOO long man i use to make the shit back in the day before it was all ilegal. and i have also heard that once you quit spice, bud isnt as good as it once was. i heard about the tolerance thing too and actually expierienced an example... i was about to go in for like 2 months so i knew i could smoke the day before(as they didnt drugtest during intake) and the stuff i smoked was just a few one hitters of some fifth wheel and it didnt get me that high at all and i was pissed. BUT not to worry, i have some of mendocino counties finest waiting in a jar... Grape Ape is the name, gonna get me fried it its game lol
  5. What up man. First, I'm not 100% sure but I don't think you're allowed to mention other substances. Don't quote me on that I'm new as well just trying to look out for ya. Secondly, I've found a ton of useful information here since I've joined a little bit ago. Enjoy when you get off the papers. The law is a bitch, best of luck brother!

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