New guy with Autoflower Girls.

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  1. got auto-flowers for my first grow. two doing well two staggered two weeks behind. Growing in soil. water with flower-power ferts. ph 5.5-6.0 sexed day 25. now in preflower. any tips or advice is welcomed !! I'm well read but we all know first hand experience is the best!!!! IMG_20160421_230826098.jpg IMG_20160421_230833963.jpg IMG_20160421_230944953.jpg IMG_20160421_231030332.jpg IMG_20160421_231041519.jpg
  2. Ganja Dwarf and Light of jah!! don't know whats what, but when they start to flower ill know.. I think plant 1 and plant 2 are different.
  3. That's some very impressive grow you've got there! Make sure you have some drainage holes in those pots if not the roots might get drowned. Do you have any means of containing the grow, as in odour control, lights shielding?
    Keep it up!
  4. yes they do,this is my first real grow from seeds. I grow mostly indoors in my kitchen, or outdoor in my screen room in summer days. screen room keeps out bugs and pests lots of free natural light for the veg pre-flower and flower stages. just built new grow space with room for soil and hydro!! pics coming soon.
  5. old setup/ new setup now soil and hydro!! girls got 8 hrs sun today!! today's pics form my grow!! Day 29 for plant 1 and 2. the two in big pot are day 15, no nutes just 6.2 ph water!! Soil for all pots is 40 %- perlite (MG washed) 30%- jiffy seed starter (ph-7) 30%- sphagnum moss (MG)

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  6. freaking out this will this minor nute burn kill my plants flowering stage???? expert help please!!! plant 1&2 day 30 no nutes last 4 days drinking water dry topsoil every day after sun bath. Is better to water before or after 7+ hr of direct sunlight??? big pot day 15 second grow is a go, less is more not going crazy with nutes on them!!! no burn........who saaaaa. IMG_20160425_223024524.jpg IMG_20160425_223122599.jpg IMG_20160425_222937821.jpg IMG_20160425_223015927.jpg IMG_20160425_222942471.jpg IMG_20160425_222959031.jpg

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