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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by CaptainBobbo, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. Whats up GrassCity?! :hello:
    Been lurking for probably over a year, smoking awhile before that, but eh, who's counting. The reason I decided to join now is to ask, what happened? There used to be a "Today's Posts" button/link that would take you straight to the most recent posts. Well I used to use that mainly to check and browse around the active threads, and now I cannot unless I specifically check through section and subsections, which gets...let's be honest, unpleasant. Anywho, let me know what's up going on there, and we're set! :D
    If you have any questions just ask, not sure what all need goes into a first post. Peace!
    Cpt. Bob-O
  2. Top of the page... it says...
    "We are updating the search indexes. During this time, the search is disabled. We should have the search enabled within few hours."

  3. :eek: Now I feel stupid... hah, sorry man, didn't see that (gonna blame it on the Smirnoff). Well thanks for helping me out anyway.
    Cpt. Bobbo
  4. Welcome to the city!
    haha it just so happens the search is being updated when u joined lol

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