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New guy saying hello and has some questions

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xkillarx, Jun 1, 2009.

  1. I know there is an introductions section, but I feel like this is the place of wisdom on the forums.

    Now I know everyone and their mom thinks they are either the most educated marijuana toker, or get the dankest bud, or knows the guy that created a certain strain, but I'm not into any of that. I have smoked for a long period of my life and want to hear some opinions about their experience with searching the most 'potent' strain and tell me what their opinion is about my experience.

    Let me introduce myself first. I am a medical marijuana patient that grew up in San Francisco and now currently resides in Los Angeles. I've been to the major collectives in the Bay Area (The Green Door, The Vapor Room, Harborside Collective, the now defunct CMC) all of which have been awarded awards and have been featured in High Times magazine.

    Being in southern california, in my honest opinion, there is no finer marijuana. The Bay Area is better priced, readily available and I feel the culture in the Bay Area is a lot more lax. However potency wise, no matter what the price, southern california has very, very potent cannabis.

    Now please don't bash me by saying use the search, because I read almost all the threads (each and every page) about the best strain, most potent, best ways to smoke, etc. I just have an honest question to ask:

    A dispensary in Hollywood called Kushmart carries a strain called "Snoop Dogg's OG Kush". It sounds ridiculous. I smoked two snappers out of a 3 foot glass water pipe with 3 perculators and a diffuser downstem with ice by a super-heated glass rod (which is better than beesline or a magnifying glass imo), and instantly the feelings I felt when I first started toking began to affect me. The coughing was instant, the cotton mouth followed, the eyes drooped heavily and I ended up walking around my neighborhood barefoot for 2 hours paranoid for no good reason (I swear the cops were out to get me, even though I have a medical card...). After the 'trip' I ate the entire "Pub Mix" container from Costco.

    Now call me either naive, stupid, whatever you want, but I've tried many of the potent strains posted on these boards, and even had a kick reading the connoisseur guide, but this strain really put me on a level I swear I thought I would never reach again. It felt like I was getting high for the first time. Has anyone else tried this? Mind you it is very, very expensive - 90 dollars an eighth. But it got me thinking - Snoop Dogg claimed in an interview that he smokes 2 ounces of marijuana a day totaling about 800-900 dollars so he claims, and this was the stash that he is smoking right now, supposedly. I don't think anyone on this forum smokes 2 ounces a day and if you know Snoop Dogg, he is a mother fucking G. Don't anybody say snoop dogg is just some studio gangster/rapper, I don't think anyone smokes more than Snoop Dogg.

    So please anyone out there that can for sure give me a personal experience that a certain strain can top this strain with the proper credentials (ie how long you've been smoking, your way of smoking, pretty much your weed smoking "culture") I would love to hear your voice. I know this is a random thread and my head is everywhere, but this Snoop Dogg OG Kush has me talking crazy at 4:12 am Monday morning.

    Which also had me thinking what this stuff in hash oil form would do... but I suppose that's a whole different subject.

    P.S. Does anyone know how to fix a broken volcano? I went to so many headshops and looked online everywhere, but I feel like my Volcano does not heat up to its fullest potential. I have the original and I have to put it on full heat to see the effect that I see with my friends volcano at about the 7 mark. Someone advised me to "try replacing the fuse" but I have no idea how, and neither do the headshops. Please don't tell me to send it in for warranty either because it has passed.

    Thanks for reading, I know it was long. Goodnight
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    :laughing: It's Kush with his name slapped on it for marketing reasons. The Kushes are very strong Indicas and probably do rank up there.

    There is NO way for anyone to tell you what the most potent strain is. There are way to many variables. A poor grower can take good genetics and get mediocre weed; a good grower can take OK genetics and grow some really potent bud.

    The most potent stuff I've smoked was probably either real Hindu and Afghan Kushes on the Indica side (enjoyed while over in that region) or Maui Wowie grown and smoked on that lovely island. Even then though it's subjective; I've smoked a ton of very strong strains. Because cannabinoid profiles differ so much it's almost impossible to say which was 'best' or 'most potent'.

    I have an landrace Oaxacan Sativa right now that is almost enough to make you trip, and a strain I'm working on that is basically one hit weed.

    My suggestion, especially since threads like this come up almost daily, is just enjoy what you enjoy and stop worrying about what strain is 'best'.

  3. Mind uh, if I uh..stop by?

    You know just to say hello;).
  4. Well I don't know if this counts but my connected recently started selling kief. It's just the crystals, no green its just kief.

    But I definitely think its more potent than anything I've ever had. Instead of a blunt or a couple bowls I can take 1-2 hints. A tiny bowl mad eme and 3 of my friends sit at a park for like 2 hours.

    Definitely most potent way

  5. thts because thts like just thc pretty of course its gunna be good
  6. What OSG said...

    Kushmart advertises that Snoop shops there - I dunno about all that, I do know Snoop has his card though. Whether or not "Snoops' Kush" is what he really smokes is up for question, unless you talk to him or he says it on video, I'll be skeptical. Then again, with the MMJ industry in LA I'm skeptical of everything these days.

    Strain wise, the most potent thing I've had in a LONG LONG time is "Walter" which you can get at California Patients Alliance. BUT I don't really care about potency of leaf to be honest, as much as I love flowers, I'm really into concentrates these days, which are much more potent. I've had some waxes that make your mustache hairs curl.

    I swear the first person who can ACCURATELY measure the actual CBDs in a given sample of a strain and can give "Leaf Points" like they give "Wine points" will be a gazillionaire. It won't be easy, you have to have a gas chromatograph or something similar.

    I hear some guy in the bay area is doing this, smart man.
  7. I had a similar thought...Not to say hello, but to smoke! LOL!!!

    I love this forum, and all I have to say to XKILLARX is I have nothing to offer in terms of knowing Snoop, or having really potent MJ laying around, etc...But WELCOME to the City! I look forward to reading more of your posts!!

    PS...You are making me miss Cali again! Here i was just getting over it! :smoking: J/K
  8. [ame=http://]Bongs and Glass Pipes -[/ame]
    I don't know much about Snoop...But Check out Irvin Rosenfeld. He smokes a lot! Wish I could just "Pick of my can of joints" at the pharmacy! This dude is an OG!
  9. hmm you guys put up a good point about just enjoying it rather than stressing myself about looking for the best. i was very medicated last night, so I was just looking up random stuff hahaha. as for concentrates, i know they are the most potent and its good to come across once in a while, but i love the taste/smell/texture of the buds so I just like to stick to my mary jane. I guess now my only question is, can anyone solve my mystery of the broken volcano?
  10. I doubt that Snoop smokes 2 ounces a day :rolleyes:
  11. i just dont see how you COULD smoke 2 ounces a day...i mean, shit! u mist be smoking like 5 gram hits haha...if i smoke what i consider "a lot" 3-4 bowls a day, i still only it about 1/4 a week...i think my lungs would explode if i tried 2 ounces in a day...hes full of it
  12. It can be done, but it's a waste after the first ounce.
  13. Every joint is a superblimp...

    I wouldn't stress about getting the best of the best, it's impossible to be honest.

    And think about this - even the BOTTOM shelf of stuff at a Medical Dispensary in California is better than 90% of the stuff they're smoking in the rest of the country.
  14. Snoop dogs a bitch.
  15. Well that's obvious. I didn't think it beared mention :D

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