New guy, outdoors in Michigan.

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  1. Hello, Im a patient in Michigan and this is my first outdoor grow. I have a little experience with growing but love input.

    I chose outdoors because the sun is free. Once winter rolls around I'll probably go inside again. But until then, here is my grow.

    Problems: I had an outside light that was keeping most of my plants from flowering. I fixed the problem by shutting it off.

    Can you tell me if everything is looking ok? I can't tell indica from sativa and who buds first or who takes longer. Two in the 7 gallon smart pots are seeds I found in bags of fire I got from dispensary and the rest was a handful of seeds a guy gave me and said his brother brought them from Amsterdam.

    I was sceptical but figured I'd try them.

    One plant is doing very good while the others are budding a lot slower but also are different variety.
    IMG_20170823_162539287.jpg IMG_20170823_162553732.jpg IMG_20170823_162516391.jpg IMG_20170823_161931959.jpg IMG_20170823_162142640.jpg IMG_20170823_162232615.jpg IMG_20170823_162539287.jpg
  2. They look sativa or sativa dom. The seeds from your dispensary purchase should tell you exactly what you have.

    They look good. Good job.
  3. That second to last one I can't see pistils on - keep an eye on it to make sure it produces. If it shows male, it needs to be chopped, unless you're breeding.
  4. By seeds from dispensary I mean that the bud I bought had one lone seed in the bag lol
  5. What strain was the seed in?

    Nice little garden you got there.

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  6. They are all female from what I can tell. I got small yellow spiders that hang out. I don't see any webs so I never paid them no mind. IMG_20170823_162504514.jpg
  7. They are all female from what I can tell. I got small yellow spiders that hang out. I don't see any webs so I never paid them no mind. View attachment 2342716
  8. image.jpeg
    Looks good to me as far as being on track. I'm not sure where you are in Michigan but in my neck of the woods I can keep plants growing till about the second week of October, maybe a little less or a little more depending on weather. I'll attach a pic of my furthest along flowering. Most are not this far

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  9. Thank you. I honestly don't remember, it was only 1 seed would that be a her or cross pollinate? I have my 12 plants enclosed and locked per Michigan guide lines. They are in with the rest of my garden like it should be, it's a plant....

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  10. Im more north and these girls are out in full sun all day. I also had an outside light on 24/7 till two weeks ago. Only one plant is budding that good. Rest just now coming on.
  11. Update. One plant is booming. Got some color going on too IMG_20170826_190221494.jpg IMG_20170826_190049333_TOP.jpg
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  12. Everything is finally getting showing pistils and small buds to larger buds. My mystery seeds I was given are looking more and more like a heavy sativa strain. Just now getting small buds forming and pistils shooting out. Just. A small update IMG_20170905_135940641.jpg

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