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  1. ok started my seed got the palnts started and sprouted in soil in a closet temps are kept constant 80 degrees with consistant circulating air. plants are under 2 100w cfls used mirical grow seedling soil so i am just watering with distiled water the shorter plant seems to be doing fine but i have a seedling thats about 4-5 inches it started leaning over and has a black spot on the stem its self. this is the spot theat its leaning in plants are water once a day if needed only water when the soil is just damp. is this a fungus what should i do
  2. too hot, get below 78 if you can, try to never go into the 80's again!

    also get ur plants outta that shit soil, miracle grow is awful shit, read up on good soil for marijuana plants and transplant asap.

    that MG soil have ferts in it already and since ur plants are young, they only need water and regular soil.
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    your overwatering... dont water when just damp... wait till it dries out ... its better to underwater than over...

    either wait till leaves start to start going alil limp... learn what your pot feels like wet and dry... or stick your pinkie in about 2" and see if dry

    edit... any yeah that MG shit sucks... even more so if your overwatering cause your releasingall those ferts
  4. thank you i will stop watering for a bit is their any way to get rid of that limpness or the black part on the stem?
  5. ok so what soil do you guys recomend that i could by at walmart or lowes also what do i do about my limp plant
  6. Can you post a pic of your plant?

    I'm not sure what soil they sell at those stores, but you want preferably an organic soil... something with no time release ferts.... no Miracle Growor similar... Also recomend you pick up a bag of perlite. Mix 4 parts soil to 1 part perlite.
  7. ok also what nutes do you guys recomend i want this to be my mother so i can clone i will post a pic up tonight
  8. okso i am gonna transplant to my other soil but on my one plant seems like the leaves a droopy watering with distilled and peroxide mix
  9. stop using peroxide!!!! have you done any research for it? you can't use the regular peroxide that you get for hospital stuff, i forget but you need a different kind, and you barely use any, surely you shouldn't be using normally every time you water. no good for your plants
  10. ok i thought the peroxide give oxygen to the rooots and kills the fungus or root rot i have researched this and i have only use a bout a quater cup in a qt of water in a spray bottle they are about on their second or third week of veging
  11. are you experiencing root rot? also there should be enough O2 getting to the roots if you just let the soil dry out in between waterings.

    also have you gotten out of the shit soil?
  12. A quarter cup in a quart? Holy Crap! Plus why are you spraying that stuff. My experience with peroxide mix is like a cap to a Qt! 2wk of vegging, I think you should just leave the poor things alone for a bit, I've gotten good advice from Ganjaganja before. They are babies, water, light and good fresh air. I have used peroxide to kill fungus gnats before, aw I'm gonna go sit down and shut up.

  13. Peroxide, Doesn't , Mix, this early. Ive read about your other issues, and agree with the respondents.

    Best of luck.

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  14. ok my one plant got a black spot in the stem and it kinda went limp and started falling ove but i have supported the plant and thats when i read that it could be a fungus and to use peroxiced to get rid of it also what is the best soil set up that i could put together
  15. do you have any hydro shops near you?
  16. no i wish i did
  17. also what should my light period be i have it on 24/7 2 100w cfls about 3-4 inchs from the tops of the plants and is it also true that males tend to grow faster than females
  18. 24/7 is fine, thats what i do, some people go with 18/6, 20/4, theres no perfect one.

    also yes, sometimes males grow fater than females, also though, sativas grow taller than indicas, and sometimes you just have a very strong female plant, so never judge sex by growth rate.
  19. when i change myt soil do i leave my plant in the dark for a day or do i put it right back under the lights you have been very helpful thank you
  20. If you're just re-potting, stick it straight under the lights. They'll be fine. The ol' herb is an adaptable plant remember.

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