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  1. Hey guys first grow here, 2of 5 plants have been outside for almost a month now, other 2 have been planted almost 3 weeks ago . The last one was planted a week ago but no pictures will be posted cuz it is In the pot of the second oldest and it is hard to see.

    Couple questions .
    1.Is 15 hours light (sunlight) 9 dark okay for veging .?

    2.why is my second oldest plant bigger then the oldest ? They are at the same stage of growth, just one is bigger in size. Is it because the older in a smaller pot ? Sould I transplant ?

    3.can I move them inside to veg under cfl even tho a couple of them have been outside for almost a month?

    4.when the seedling first sprouts, and it has those two little leaves, why are mine dying? U can see good on the last picture.
    You can see it nice and alive on the second picture

    Btw way oldst is on left, then second oldest (by a day) In the second pic , then 3rd oldest and 4 th oldest are a day apart and are the 3rd and 4th pictures

    thanks for your help

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  2. I'm not very experienced, but I'll try to answer your questions.
    1. That is an okay light cycle. Most people do 18/6. I'm assuming you're talking about while they're growing outdoors though, so that can't really be changed.
    2. It could be the size of the pot, but it could also be a number of other things. The older plant might not have been getting enough light or something. It could just also be the way the plant grew - maybe it had a slow start or something. There's a lot of variables.
    3. You could move them inside but you will want to have enough light for them.
    4. I might be wrong, but I'm pretty sure those seedling leaves are supposed to die and fall off. I don't think its something to worry about.
    Hope I was able to help out.
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  3. thanks alot man! 
  4. any body else got anything to say?
  5. Man this site sucks .
  6. Those little round leafs die naturally . once they die you need to start using nutes ... Generally start your nutes at about 3 weeks . yes you can move them inside now . get 6500k cfl for vet and 2700k cfl for flower . get as many as you in the highest actual wattage as u can .. Peace :rolleyes:

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  7. Agreed, they seem fine.  Moving them indoors is fine too, you'd have more to worry about moving indoor plants to the outside, it's much harsher living outside.  If you do move them indoors then while they'er small you could get away with a couple of hundred watts of lights for a couple of weeks, but with 5 plants if you don't have at least 400-500 watts of lights after that you might be better having them outside.  If you do move them inside, you don't need to have the two different colours of bulbs for flowering and veg, but it does help.
    The 15 hours of daylight is okay.  If you move them inside, you may as well give them at least 18 while you're vegging.
    Those little leaves, the first two, nearly every plant has those same leaves when it sprouts. They naturally die off quickly because they're way too small to be useful once the plant has its own proper leaves.
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    Thanks for the advice guys
    I left em out doors . Do u think they will flower if they are only getting 13 of light ? Here's what they look like yesterday. Lemme know what u think

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  9. If you're asking, because they have been in only 13 hours of natural light, will they still flower, then yes they will.  A healthy living plant will flower with the right stimulus. (alternatively read: no, you haven't fucked up)
    If you are asking, if I leave these plants outside will 13 hours of daylight cause them to flower, then the answer is yes they probably will, but it will probably a few weeks longer overall. (alternatively read: if you're going to flower them outside, think of the weather 3 months time)
    The more light they have, the more they will grow, but when you get down to 12-13 hours of light they will stop growing and start to flower, because they think the year is nearly over.  Although I say they stop growing, they do stretch quite a bit at first!
  10. Thanks for the advice .

    But in regards to the plant stopping growing when it starts to flower , I read that they'll grow 1.5 times their size during flowering
    That's a pretty crappy attitude to have, when the kind people of this site are trying to help you.  You  might find better luck if you learn to spell all your words out, demonstrate which efforts you've made so far, and show a little patience as the GC citizens getting around to assisting you with your non-urgent question.
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  12. Yep, there's a transition period and they don't just stop growing because you changed the light cycle.  This bit of growth is often referred to as the 'stretch' but it's more like a last-minute reach for the skies, not 'proper' growth.  Some varieties will stretch more than others, and sativas more than indicas.
    One of my little cuttings actually tripled in height within 2 weeks, and much of that was literally over night, but all the growth was just making it taller, no new nodes or branches developing.  Then, when it reached the same height as it's companion and up to the lights, it stopped, they both did, and started developing flowers instead.  I haven't had to touch the lights since because those plants are just not going to get any bigger now, that's it, even though they've got another 7-8 weeks in the closet.
    Yeah man, don't act like that after people have tried helping you. We're taking time to answer your questions that you could have found answers to if you spent some time searching here on GC or on Google. Some posts just get more replies than others. Be patient and be glad people are willing to help you.
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    Sorry I have typos it's cuz I'm on a touch screen . Ill try to preview for longer.
    But It's not my attitude it's my opinion dude ,
    lol what is it with ppl always trying to differ my opinion here ..... and the thing is we were in a full convo about information on the plant when you randomly butt in to tell me that my attitude sucks? like k ? I'm entitled to my opinion about the site
    But I honestly am glad people are taking time to help me it does mean a lot . As u can see each time I reply I thank you all for the advice.
    Never said the people on this site suck . I truly do value your information . Really . I mean it . I just don't like grasscity i find it hard to navigate threw and get answers with ease. I wish there was a quicker and easier way to talk to people like a online chat like shroomery. And if there is can u tell me how to get to it ?
    I am on an iPad

    Very interesting , thanks for the info. Do you have pictures !?
  15. I'm sorry to seem impatient to you all
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    @[member="andyroony420"] You did seem impatient, but to be fair to you, although it wasn't a good idea for you to bitch about the site you're on when you're trying to get the people that use it regularly to help you out, it was also unnecessary for people to reach back in time and off topic to reprimand you about it.  I think what you meant was, you are using a tablet and through that you find the whole site a bit difficult to navigate.  You have to understand that it sounded like you were whining because the jerks of this shitty forum don't answer your question quickly enough, and that makes people annoyed.
    That is in the past now, so everyone just chill out and grow some weed.
    Anyway, yes, pictures.  See here below, how both the plants on the right are the same height.  Note how the front one is bushy compared to the back one, which is basically one stalk only....[​IMG]
    The picture above was taken 2 days ago.  If we go back in time 1 week, you'll see below that the smaller plant on the left this time, is shorter than its sister but only by a matter of an inch.  You'll have to take my word that the larger plant hasn't grown at all (in other words I haven't moved my lights between these two pictures)
    One final trip back in time by another 2 weeks, so this third picture below is three and a half weeks ago.  You can see that the bushier plant in the foreground is significantly more vigorous than the one at the back, one being 4-5 inches high already and the other being only 1-2 inches high (there's actually a few reasons for this inequality)
    So what we have seen is two clones that started off the same age but significantly different in size, were put into a 12/12 flowering closet pretty much as soon as they were both established in their pots, and not allowed to vegetate much at all.  After 3 weeks they has both significantly grown in size, more than doubled at least, and they have both grown to the same size, and that size is exactly the height of my lights, they have literally grown up to within an inch of my lights and then stopped.  Because the bushier one was a little more healthy and established from the start, showed signs of flowering about 5 days before the other one, and this is why it stretched then stopped first, while the smaller one played catchup.
    You can see the whole thing on my journal
  17. I have a few ?s

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  18. For expirenced growers

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  19. @[member="chachachos420"] you've started 3 topics of your own that include nothing more than "plz any advice?", no details, no questions, no pics, and two of them in "Advanced Techniques" forum and one in "Chill Out".  I've seen your own pics where you hijacked someone else's thread, and I can see you probably do have some questions because your grow seems a bit mental, so I suggest you post a new topic in the "Beginners" forum with these pics, and specifically any questions that you have.
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    Wow thanks for taking the time and effort for that well detailed post! Very interesting :) ill be looking into your journal .

    nd I definitely understand how I came off. My bad .! Thanks for your patience with me.

    Last question is what should I do about nutes as I get into flowering stages?

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