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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by tigisean, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Hows it going my name is sean i cut hair not gay love the green! And about to be a fellow grower.........i hope lol
  2. lol where the HELL do you live in Texas cause weed here doesn't suck..
  3. texas weed may suck, but cali weed is the world's finest, am i right?

    anyways welcome bro.
  4. dude whats up man im new too.... im actually from new york so i cant relle comment on cali weed or texan weed for that matter.
  5. Sampling most east coast herb in my life, in cali for the last 3 years, I have to say YEP,Cali has got everyone beat(besides overseas). The only crap in TX is that brown Mexican dirt weed... Time to move!

    Welcome aboard I am new as well;)

  6. NY..hehe Live there my whole life, up to 3 years ago that is.. Say hi to my ex-wife somewhere in jersey....lmfao

    Born-n-Raised in Hoboken,NJ
  7. i live in dfw. Just moved from dublin cali so yeahh.. lol
  8. Welcome to da city!
  9. Thanks man!
  10. No kidding, just moved from Livermore to Stockton..lmao

    I have been to DFW to a company called Constructors and Associates, and by chance my Mom lives in Katy,TX. Yep I know it's not really near DFW, just meaning she is in

    Damn this Bomb-Berry is fantastic! As you can That blows the whole idea that the stronger the smell the stronger the high. This stuff smells pretty mild compared to others out there, esp skunk strains of
    Where the heck did my vaporizer whip go!.lol
  11. WOW. You fucks don't know the right people because I can get dank in Texas from about 5 dealers...
  12. Well I don't really care about TX, and there is a possibility you just don't know what really good herb is yet.

  13. lol..."i cut hair, not gay"
  14. Ok I guess in my 5 years of smoking strains like White Widow and Sour D mean I don't know what good herb is yet. Also considering that my dealers home grow, not get their shit from Mexico. Mexi-dirt is what yal are talkin bout. Get the fux out if you're gonna talk down bout another state we dont like that here. Everything is bigger in Texas.
  15. LOL no shit, hoped so...Have a friend here cuts hair as well. Ok make that the 2 strait guys
    that cut hair

    Everything is bigger in Texas.<---yep true, even their

    It's true you can get it there, again not easy, but available. Mexidirt is really what is about..
    Sorry you walked into that one..
  16. White widow in texas come one be real

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