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    What's up guys new smoker here. I actually got into it since going to Colorado for new year's to celebrate the first legal recreational sale. Funny story is the place I went to, Alpenglow Botanicals, had coffee and regular cookies and pastries out for customers. But that whole day was a big snowstorm so they had almost no one lining up. Well i finally got to them Jan. 2nd and bought some weed, they limit you to 1/4 ounce and their regular strains were like $50 an 1/8 so I also gave my friend money to buy some. And I knew there were definitely medicinal properties to weed. But wow after smoking the first time, and pretty much coughing up a lung since I normally just smoke cigars and not inhale, the pain in my knees and ankle joints was gone the next day including swelling, it was exacerbated by hiking and the cold and altitude, I basically wore out my joints running literally thousands of miles and 4 marathons in high school cross country and then running on my own throughout college. Now that I'm a little older I definitely feel in those worn out joints.

    That meant up till now I've been conserving that half ounce from Colorado. But I just got my medical card in California. Bought up a bunch to restock and am happy to have more to treat joint flareups from exercise and for getting a great night's sleep too.

    But I finally decided to join since in my original Colorado stash I found a seed. And sprouted it. I'll post it's growth in the growing thread. Here's to hoping it's female since it was hydroponically grown without males in the vicinity I'm hoping it was a feminized seed. In which case when I can identify the sex then I'll take to cloning it. The strain was from their hybrid grow. They call it Quandary, and it was a medium strength grow that didn't smell as dank as their special high potency strain. But hopefully it'll be easy to grow.

    Anyways that's my little inro.
  2. welcome to GC glad to here that mmj is helping you what part of CA are you in?

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  3. I'm in Escondido right now, used to be in LA.
  4. never been there but i do go to SD alot

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  5. Hi and welcome to GC. If you live in Escondito then your plant will be truely ocean grown. I wish you the best of luck.
  6. Dude me too, but esco sucks lol. Most of it anyway lol. Welcome man.

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  7. I'm drunk so tl;Dr but welcome
  8. I'm drunk as well so tldr, but welcome  :smoke:
  9. Esco does suck but hello neighbor.

    So you never smoked in San Diego but drove all the way to Colorado to buy some and bring it back? You know it's literally everywhere in California?
  10. The whole point wasn't to just buy weed. It was to celebrate the nations first legal recreational marijuana. That and a really great road trip through Las Vegas where my best friend lives. And on through Utah and into Colorado and back. It's so I can say I was there.
  11. Hi! I'm still fairly new myself, but welcome all the same. And good luck with your green thumb.
  12. Welcome!

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