New Guy Here (Shoutout to /r/trees!)

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  1. Hey everyone,

    Just figured it would be worth making an account and contributing to the community instead of just being a lurker.

    I'm a young Canuck (Canadian) from the farrr north, and have been a "marijuana aficionado" (I prefer that over stoner!) for about 3 years now. I'm a libertarian and will defend marijuana to the fullest reasonable extent.

    Anyways, any questions? Just ask. Oh and here's my collection so far... Will also be cross-posted on /r/trees tomorrow when the site is up. Would really love to hear what you all think!

    From left to right…
    - 99% Isopropyl alcohol (+ kosher salt = Best cleaner)
    - VapoGenie (vaporizing pipe)
    - 3 compartment grinder
    - Indian incense & holder
    - Ahmadinejad (indoor smoke filter-- have had it for 3 years so far!)
    - Japanese Sake glass (use for ashes)
    - "The Sledgehammer" (My roommate Kanye's new bubbler)
    - Basil Jar (secret stash spot-- my RA has looked past it SO many times without noticing)
    - Kief collection (Just got the grinder this weekend, small collection so far)
    - Last but not least… "Heisenberg" -- My brand spanking new double bubbler and first glass piece ever!

    In case anyone is wondering, the two glasses pieces (along with 1 not shown) were bought through OutaSightGlass on from a GREAT guy to do business with named Parker! I highly recommend checking out their stuff. Kind of limited selection right now, but they're pickin' up.

    OutaSightGlass by OutaSightGlass on Etsy



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