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New Guy here, dont attak me, just forward me or help me.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HumbleLeviathan, May 13, 2010.

  1. Hello I just started smoking weed and ive smoked about 4 times, I need to know some simple nooby things and i have checked youtube and google for them, not really finding anything. Please read last sentence before replying.

    Here is what i would like to know...

    1. Differnce in bud, kush, and diesel (all general terms for weed and what not like a noobie guide).

    2. what weed does to you ( the explanation of HTC or THC or whatever the fuck its called and how that works ).

    3. explanatin of levels or what levels there are like mids and what not and names and there level of high ( so far ive only smoked some K so not that big of a high and only a little ).

    Please do not come at me screaming and yelling like an ass whole. i have read through some posts and have not found what i would like, if there is something right under my nose and i missed it dont shit your pants. I mean isnt this the noob forum spot idk why every other thred i read from some lil noob is getting screamed at like hes raped your GF.

    If your guna freak out dont reply thanks.
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    1: Bud is a general term for any kind of cannabis as it is literally the dried buds of the plant. Kush is a very potent indica strain. Diesel is another strain.

    2: Its THC. Basically THC is a cannabinoid (chemical in weed) that attaches to spots in your brain and makes you high. THC is not the only chemical in weed but it is typically the most abundant.

    Also there are a lot of guides around here for everything you need to know. check out
    great site for all things weed and other drugs.
  3. Thank you very much for your understanding and outstanding help sir. :hello:

    lol just kidding relax man.
    1.bud is a slang word for weed
    kush is a strain of weed but can have other names added to it to make a whole new strain like purple kush,hawwain kush,ect
    and deisel is just like kush but ive only heard of sour deisel
    2.I dont really know but i think the thc is absorbed by your lungs and it gets into your bloodstream and sends a message to your brain that says "FUCK THIS KID UP"
    3.Swagg-Lowest of the weed if you smoke this you will be high for a lil while and then get a headache / Cost:5per gram
    Mids-Most common weed just plain ol weed you smoke it you will be high / Cost 10 per gram
    Headies or High Mids-a step above mids enough of this shit and you will be mad ripped / Cost 15 per gram
    Dank,Dro,Fire- Best weed you can get smoke just a little bit of this and you can defintaly tell what you just smoked apart for mids or headies

  5. It's not really a good idea to tell him prices because prices vary from state to state. His prices could be way different and if he goes in expecting to pay those prices he could think he's getting a great deal or just getting ripped off.
  6. Haha oh shit man i like this, i hope thats how it works!
  7. Im in missouri and so far some k that gives me no headake cost me 5 a g
  8. 1. Bud is a general term for marijuana. Kush and Diesel are simply different strain names that can be used to determine types of marijuana. You can use Google to look up the strain names, but many times they're made up by your dealer.
    2. Everyone's different, you have to smoke it to see how it affects you.
    3. Here's the levels in order of worst to best;
    Exotics (Kush, Diesel, etc.)

    Feel free to shoot me any other questions you have via private message. Welcome to the city, :smoking:.

  9. NP man, any other questions feel free to ask. Although I'm pretty new myself, its not hard to learn. Everything I know I read here on GC or just through internet research.

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