new guy from OC california here

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  1. hey.. i just moved into a new apartment in Santa Ana, CA. im looking to meet other smokers to share recipies and good times with.. i am an artist.. if you like, you can see some of my visual art here.. but im mostly into audio art now.. experimental electronic on the idm tip with some drum n bass influence... and if you like you can check out more on that here. i ride skateboard.. i work.. and i enjoy smoking grass.

    please, even if your not in the southern california Orange County area.. HOLLA!!! im hopeing to find life on the internet outside of myspace.. =)
  2. Hey whats up and welcome to the city....

    Jump right in on anything being asked or said,speak your mind-a ton of good folks are always around....:)
  3. for sure!!
  4. what it do hows that cali erb
  5. cali herb is nice.. deffinately a good selection coming to oc via the bay area.. lotsa strains of kush.. ive also seen some cool mixes.. pinapple trainwreck.. afghan hashplant.. etc.. so far the prettiest bud ive had the privilage to taste was lavendar.:hello:if you get a chance get some! its beautiful.. also lotsa purps goin round.
  6. sounds tight man get some pics up of some of ur glass and nug
  7. word.. brb
  8. i just took these today.. and its only taken about 6 hours till i got this up..
    sorry the pics are kinda blurry.. its a cheap camera.
  9. Welcome m8! Enjoy the city a lot of cool people here.
  10. I like you. I used to live in LA and now I hate people who say THE OC because of that damn TV show...
  11. i agree.. that show is so lame.. i couldnt even watch it.. i heard the theme song and watched the opening credits... then changed the channel...

    HEY!!! Has anyone listened to any of my music???? if not click on my signature!!!

    <font face="fixedsys" size="7">=)</font>
  12. that's a nice bong, never seen an ashcatcher like that. looks cool.

    I'm in so cali but i'm like an hour and a half north of orange.

  13. thanks.. i call that bong scraps or scrappy, scrapster, scrap master.. etc.. this is named as such because its made out of all different parts.. nothing matches because theyre all parts left over from past tradgedys.. actually my friend put it together because we were hurting for something to smoke out of.. i didnt think they'd all fit together so nicely but they did.. and thus my bong scraps.
  14. welcome to the city! :wave:

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