New GTA IV Details [LOTS of details]

Discussion in 'General' started by whitewarrior, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. nice man, game is certainly in my top 3 pickups for the 4th/qrt releases
  2. that game looks so sick
  3. I'm still a little skeptical about just how good this game is going to be, but this preview was promising.

    I read it yesterday and I'm starting to get excited.

    I won't be one of the first people in line, but if the reviews are generally good, I'll probably get around to buying it.

    The game has a lot of promise, but it has to deliver on the hype.
  4. God I can't wait to get this game, when I get out of bootcamp it will be available. I'm gonna get the black xbox, it's gonna be badass.
  5. Ima get it.
  6. Rockstar never fucks up their games, i'm pretty sure it'll stay true to its promise.
  7. damn this games gonna be bad ass, are they ever gonna put it out for ps2, or they keeping it ps3 and 360:confused:
  8. I don't know, State Of Emergency sucked ass.

    Not to mention I can point out several glaring problem with the GTAIII engine that they never seemed to even consider revising throughout any of the spin-offs.

    Like I said; I'm skeptical, but there is no real reason that they can't fully deliver on GTAIV
  9. PS2 can't handle it, only PS3 and 360.

    R_M I'd say I have to agree with those points. ;)
  10. +rep dude, i cant wait for this game to come out
  11. GTA3 was great. GTA vice city was fantastic. GTA san andreas was far superior in every way to both of its predecessors. Hell, even the "stories" games were good. Rock star has some other shitty games, but they have a great track record with the GTA series.

    I hope they decide to port it over to pc after a while, just like previous installments.
  12. GTA is their flagship series, they put more money and effort in to these games than any other. I doubt they'll fuck it up, they have the resources.
  13. What problems did they not fix? I am curious.
  14. i'll wait for the review.

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