New Gs Layout Fml.

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  1. Just logged on to my favourite marijuana/ counter culture forum for the first time in a while to find it has a new layout, and tbh i think it sucks, i dunno about the rest of you guys but this site dosent feel the same anymore, i cant pin point it but it just seems abit dull and i just cant hack it, does anyone know any other decent forums or have anything to say about the new design? thanks... really bummed out about this one!

  2. haters gon hate
  3. GrassSity?
  4. I'v had it, i'm going to kill myself.
  5. I'm suicidal and John booth pushed me over the edge
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    lol the new site layout isn't that bad at all, at first it's goofy and most people don't like it. From the people I have talked to it grew on them after awhile.
    It just takes getting used to, the only bummer is the rep thing and to me it's not that big of a deal. 
    another thing I don't like is that the location isn't directly under the avatar anymore.. bummer.
  7. It's new, just got to get used to it. I'm loving all the new functions and faster loading and new style in genera, I think it looks more sleek. 
  8. Try using the app instead if you can. I love the new app,everything loads so much faster and it looks good.

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    They just jealous. :cool:
  10. gc will always be bomb as fuck!

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