New Growth Yellowing? any ideas

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  1. all the new growth on my plants are truning yellow. i read on the forum that Sulphur deficiency turns the plants new growth yellow, its pretty rare it says so i dont thinks its that. all right i will give you the run down on my setup:

    4x4 Hydro Hut
    400w Hps
    aircooled 6" hood (sun system)
    6" vortex fan outake though hood
    6" Vortex fan intake
    Co2 Booster
    Oscillating fan and a few other things

    alright heres the deal i just transplanted two days ago they were all rooted clones. the first time i watered with no nutes and a ph of 6.0 that when i thought i started noticing it then i watered with a 6.5 ph (no nuts) and still know change. so any ideas?

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  2. Clones that have rooted need nutes. You not gave any food? How old? 6.5ph in soil? What soil?

    If the entire plant is yellowing? feed her?

    gl bbl
  3. N deficiency. is that new dirt? is it fertile? if its a new clone it may just take some time to start the uptake. be careful not to overcompensate and overfert it now. Clones need some time to kick things off properly, because if thats new potting soil it should have a sufficient amount of nutrients in it for the time being. If no improvements start with a light feeding; it should come around.

  4. I agree with your first thoughts

    mix some ferts @ 1/4 strength & make sure the PH of the mix is 6.8 or slightly above
    saturate the clones with this solution......

    there is so little soil it should raise the PH a bit to make the nutes available
  5. That's 3 of us saying feed her, so what's up OP?
  6. poor little girls :-( they look so hungry... sure hope things work out for the better..
  7. I have to water around 7 tonight when the light comes on so i will give a light dose of nutes and hopefully things will start looking better.

    i also thought it might be too cold in my room it was olny 68 when the light was on, so last night i switched from my 400w hps to my 1000w MH and now the temp is 75-77 when the light is on and things are already looking better and i havent even watered them yet.

    Thanks for all the replys i will post a few pic i a couple day so u guy can see how things are going
  8. That was a bit low temp and extra light is a plus;)

    gl and +rep for giving GC a try.
  9. alright guys, im a new grower (as you can its only my 2nd grow so thanks for all the info its much appreciated.

    So i just got done watering them, i think i let them get a little to dry (not use to the 1000w watering schedule) the nutes i made 1/3 strength im kind of scared because i really dont know what im doin. i have been using advanced nutrients just going by the nute calculator. im doing the 100% organic line i was scared of giveing them too much N so i didnt give them any iguana Juice grow, im a little worried cuz i put alot things in the mix. anyway here is my mix:

    Sweet (botanicare)
    Cal Mag (botanicare)
    Humic Acid
    Fulvic Acid
    Organic B
    Voodoo Juice

    with a PH 6.8 and PPM's 550

    Here are some pics i took after watering there not lookin good at all right now but hopefully they will get better in the next couple days ill post some more pics in like two day so you guys can see how the progress is going....hopefully it will good!!

    PS: Thanks for the PM ganja guerrilla im going to try the epsom salt/surphur foliar spray tomorrow. my bubby said he uses a surphur spray to prevent powdery mildew have you ever heard of that?

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  10. yes I have, both extreme acidic or alkaline conditions will kill it, baking soda & water will aslo do the trick

    bubby knows his stuff ;)
  11. i have been doin some thinking and i had this problem on my last grow and never really figured it out. i know the water in my town sucks like really bad. i have RO but i have to face the facts that my $150 RO system cant take out all the impurities (should of bought the $250 one) that my shity towns waters has, so im just going bit the bullet and buy purified water from the store i figure it willl cost me about $200-250 for my whole grow (at about a $1 a gallon) better safe then sorry.

    Any suggestions on a good brand of purified water to buy?
  12. Ironically, when it comes to buying water, cheaper is better. Get the cheap store brand - it's almost always just plain old distilled water. Just check the label to be sure that there's 0 sodium in the water.

    I buy it at Walmart for $1.60 for 2.5 gallons.
  13. I catch ac run off from 3 window units.

    Free and good. Dehydrator water can be used to, but check ec before using. My acs are new and have never been outside. If the unit is old or outside. it could get trash in it or rust....

  14. no shit u can use AC water, thats an interesting bit of info.... I would have never thought u could use it....thats cool.... are they the mobile in home ac's or just a regular window unit???
  15. yeah...your AC is a great source of bran new units, window, have a tray on the bottom that i had to drill a little hole in the "down stream side", to get the water out...never seen that before....but yeah if your running AC units and want distilled basic water... use them...small 5000btu gives about 8 oz a adds up:rolleyes:
  16. ric plug the drill whole back up. The ac uses the water in the pan as coolant. there is a slight half moon cut in bottom right hand corner where overflow will come out. It's humid here, but I get about 4 gals a day out mine. They do stay on 24/7 also. Your ac may be different, but if its not. You're killing it.

    I havd a piece of plexiglass under my drip holes to direct water into tubs.

  17. alright guys im back and things dont look any better!! now i think i over watered i has been two day of them under the 1000w MH and the soil i still pretty wet and the plants have shown no importment at all if anything they have got worse. i have expanded clay in the bottom of my pots my soil mix is kind of wierd (1 bag happy frog, 1 bag Fox Farm Ocean, 1 bag of ready grow coco & perlite mix) so i thought that might be another issue but i still should have good drainage. anyways i dont think there beyond recovery, what do you guys think?

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  18. Ok its been about 5 day since the over watering or Nute burn (not sure which it was or maybe it was both) so take a look and tell me how you think the recovering is going and any other info you want to throw my way would be great.
    Thanks, wish me luck

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  19. your right its progressing I can see now the major def is potassium

    I think you over water, get more air circulating on them to help dry them out.

    firstly remove all the damged leaves, anything 50% or more damaged, the small roots system you have doesnt need to try to support the bad leaves, that cant recover
    direct the energy to the rest of the plants

    you have a big list of stuff you bought to feed them, & it doesnt seem to be doing you to well, you may have screwed up your soil with all that stuff

    take 2 plants and complete a soil runoff test, post the results of the water going in and the runoff ph aswell
  20. Surprising they've got deficiency, cos the plants don't look too big for the pots. Maybe the combination with the Advanced cocktail caused a lockout? There's a fox farm nute schedule and an advanced one, but you can't really go by either? Since the soil is organic, maybe you would fare better with the fox farm nutes too? It doesn't look like they want you to use other nutes, their faq basically says don't or you'll get nute lockout....

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