New growth yellow, flowering.

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  1. So my 2 month old Kali Mist (topped) has been showing some signs of a deficiency. I've had a look around and as far as I'm aware it could be Iron, Zinc or Sulfur (Mg). Also, the temps were a bit low during the first few days around 15-18c during night. Although the past 3 nights have had higher temps, 20c with a blanket.


    Soft Water - 36 PPM
    Coco Coir
    400w HPS (8-12" away)
    PH 5.8 (should I rase it now it's week 1 of flower?) Run off PH 6.3
    900 PPM feed of A + B (Bloom nutes), Root Stim, Hygrozyme and occasionally some cal mag

    What I've done so far:

    I've feed 1ml/L of Iron Chelate, condition's didn't really alter. Foliar fed 1 tbsp per gal of Epsom Salts, conditions improved a wee bit, yellowing was still happening. Also added some Micro nutrients.

    Added 1tbsp per gal of Epsom salts the other day, didn't do much at all.

    Conclusion so far:

    I think it's a mixture of things to be honest but I'm leaning towards zinc or sulfer deficiency.

    Cheers guys for the help!

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  2. I'm not sure by your post it sounds like everything is on track feedings And nutes how long has this been happening

    IMO 90. Ten is they way to look at it if 90% of your plant looks good then it's good over 10% is bad ten act lol just me though

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  3. Cheers for the reply dude!

    It happened as soon as I switched to flowering.. I used for the first week Veg nute's like the company grow schedule said now on bloom.

    Yeah the rest is doing absolutely fine, even the new growth lower down is light but not yellow.

    Although with the Epsom salts I didn't PH the water when I added them (I was high)

    Could this cause the Mg to not get absorbed at all?
  4. Man. Well I do the same feed the grow till about the first watering or two

    It might be the ph I know that the same thing happened about a month ago with me like 7 leaves got all brown and curled up and I forgot (also stoned) to ph my water

    Also I know that some strains just yellow when in flower but that would be the whole plant so I'm going to bet it was the Ph

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  5. Oh I know my buddy runs his MH for the first week on the 12/12 them switches to HPS that might be why he says it helps transition from the two

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  6. Although the yellowing was happening before I added the non ph'd water..

    I just checked my bottle of Root stim and it said add 2.5m/L during flowering period. I was still adding 5ml/L.

    Got some more pics, yellow banding looks like zinc?

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  7. Don't trip man it's still just a plant lol

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  8. I know :)

    Anyone else got any ideas as to what this could be?
  9. So I flushed her out, love coco. Took about 15L to get down to input level in a 15L pot. Fed with a light normal feed and trace element mix at 2ml/L which cntains 0.3% zinc.

    Hopefully things get better!

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