New Growth Turning Black

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    D0710C64-43B7-4EF5-8B90-C9C256783861.jpeg 0D958534-766F-49C5-B995-D07E8253824E.jpeg 928E62AC-5874-40B4-B2E3-400998E13C65.jpeg 2672E8BD-24E4-4BCB-8E83-BE45AA1E8903.jpeg 93C4C525-56A9-4BD8-90DF-086D7AFC83B9.jpeg
    I have tried to other times and been semi-successful and growing a few plants but for various reasons something always went wrong. This season I have been more successful than I had been in the past but now I have a problem that I am afraid is going to ruin everything. The new growth started turning black in places. I was under the impression that it was this bright white scale insect that I kept finding on them now and then. Nothing near an infestation but scale insects are sapsuckers, right? I thought they were sucking the juice out of the new growth before it had time to grow much. I can’t find any information online that really matches my problem. I’m thinking possibly a fungus? I thought maybe phosphorus deficiency? but the mature leaves look fine. I treated with neem oil twice. Trying to get rid of the bugs but I read that neem oil is a treatment for fungus also. That didn’t help at all. I got a few photos I’m really hoping someone can help. I know that all this is pretty vague but there’s just so much to it that I’m not even sure what to include ask me any questions and I will answer them as best I can. Thanks in advance for any help you guys can provide.

    Edited to add:
    I also have photos of the little white bugs. I had a hard time identifying them. I decided maybe a white fly nymph? I’m definitely not sure but I think whatever it is might be something that metamorphoses into something else?

    Edited again b/c Just got a pic of the only other bug I have seen on my plants.

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  2. plant pic and strain? looks healty to me.. I think its purpl'ing that's it!!! You are about to have some stunning buds!
  3. The last pic is a leafhopper and are fairly harmless in small numbers. I think the white ones are as well. I remember reading another poster had black when the plant started to flower and I think they all died but can't really remember
  4. That would be great if that’s what it is. I considered that too but I don’t have enough experience to identify for sure. It is happening on 4 out of 5 of my plants. The only one that has no signs of the black/dark purple 5A09CE10-93DD-4990-96F4-721BF0FA655F.jpeg stuff is the little one.

    Two tall ones in back were freebies from the seed bank. One looks like an Indica and the other a sativa. The short bushier one in the front is Chocolope. The smallest one(started it late but it’s a late October harvester so hoping it will still grow more) is strawberry cough and the one in the big pot is pineapple chunk.

    *Nothing is in the big yellow pot
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  5. they will be tasty nice pay day for you good rewards for good works chhers!!!
  6. They all died?? Ahh!! Hopefully mine don’t have what theirs had.
    I thought maybe leaf hopper on the last one and my mom also said the white ones could be too. They definitely do hop. Quite a long way actually lol
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  7. Thanks for your help. I can’t wait to watch the buds grow! :)
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  8. Leaf hoppers for sure and they a harmless I get them outdoors every year and they dont do much damage at all..the odd hole in fan leaves only

    The black is called sooty mould..first time I seen it after 10 outdoor grows was last year...its not like grey bud mould that rots the buds outdoors in late least the sooty mould I had diddnt spread and I only had it the first ohhh 1 or 2 weeks of flower and I believe after the 3 or 4th week of flower it was all gone and hadn't spread

    BUT last year was my first year seing it so keep a close eye on it...oh and so far this year I havnt seen any of it and I'm week 1 Into flower...keep me posted and I'll follow this and if I get any I'll let ya know and update how it goes but I'm almost certain that's what you have and that leaf hopper is nothing to worry about at all

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    I’m completely at a loss on what to do..

    It absolutely looks like some of them may just be “Purpling” but there’s one in particular(the shorter bushier one in the front of pic) that it really doesn’t look like that. Where it is happening the buds look like they started to grow and then just totally stopped. The sooty mold you were talking about sounds like it could be right because it does look like soot on the leaves but I think that this one plant is likely ruined:sad::frown: I know you guys feel my pain. I just put so much ❤️love❤️ into these girls this summer...

    other than this, the plants have been totally healthy and I’ve had no problems. I do want to point out that the plants may look a little sparse but it’s because I have removed a lot of the large fan leaves in order to remove shade.
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    61BBC100-EF11-4275-9BC8-923399D4CEE9.jpeg E6A3C581-59F9-4259-ABFE-E32EB9644076.jpeg 3F8B3D19-0642-44FB-A05F-F7C497730C55.jpeg DBFD6604-E3BD-469C-B285-F5C496823FC8.jpeg
    These pics are of all of the one plant that I think has a problem.
    More leaves turn black every day. Buds seem to have stopped growing. The sites where it’s happening the leaves look twisted and gnarled. It lookr very much like a pic I saw of bromine deficiency, except that turns the leaves brown not black. I think that there are two separate things going on for sure. Purpling... yay! And who the hell knows what(mold? Sooty mold?)... boo! The new leaves on the ones that are purpling don’t look twisted and the buds are still growing.

    I looked up sooty mold and I think you diagnosed it right with that. it says you can just wipe off the sooty mold but I can’t. The sites of the mold re also areas that are covered w/ trichomes...
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    Idk if everyone is as stumped as I am(it’s just that seems unlikely to me because I know that there are so many experts here) or if so many new posts come in, I just keep getting bumped down the line but I am at an extremely critical juncture and I really need some sort of guidance.

    Maybe I am freaking out for no reason and they are all prurpling. I have a question about that though. Do all buds on the plant purple, or can some of them have completely no purple turning of the leaves at all and some with lots of purple turning of the leaves? I also thought that it would be strange for all four different strains to be purpling. All strains don’t purple do they?
    Also it just seems like the buds aren’t growing and they look twisted or just not right, like the ones that aren’t doing that.
  12. Looks fine. The "black" is actually a dark purple and quite a few strains have that in flower. For instance, my blackberry auto does that in flower. Rest your worried brow, it will turn out to be stunning buds when she is finished. :)
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  13. Thank youso much. I definitely feel better hearing that from an old she wolf! :) and now that I’ve heard it from 2 of you guys/gals, I feel much better.
  14. 20190812_200245.jpg 20190812_200226.jpg I have the same issue. I noticed it on new growth about 2 weeks ago and ended up pruning the black growth. Now I'm a week into flower and noticed more of it on the developing buds. I had a look at a bud under my magnifier and the pistils are actually turning purple! Here are some pics of 'black' on the new growth I noticed 2 weeks ago. I'll upload some pics of the pistols tomorrow.
  15. Its a Phytoplasma. Theres another thread about it on this forum. Phytoplasma is a Bacteria with no cell walls, and can conform into any shape.

    Its brought by.... LEAFHOPPERS. Who said Leafhoppers are harmless?? Also Broadmites, and Russett Mites. Really anything that bites, and is infected. But in USA Leafhoppers are the Main Vector.

    The Phytoplasma is most likely Witches Broom, and it also affects other plants other than weed.

    It was first discovered in Iran, in a hemp field in 1967, and was then found in India in 1968, and was predicted to spread worldwide. It has.

    The main vector in USA is the American Elm, which is also one of the most common trees. Its harbored in the roots, and bugs, like leafhoppers get infected, and then bite your plants, spreading the Bacteria.

    Theres a lab in Cali that can test for it. $275.

    There is NO Cure, and if it gets pollinated, and any seeds live, they will also harbor the Bacteria.

    Sometimes they can come out of it, but usually don't, and if they do, are never the same. I myself wont smoke anything that survives. My buddy has lost over 2000 plants in the last 6 years to the Bacteria. I started researching last year. I grew some with my buddy, and we lost several different strains to the disease.

    SOP is to destroy any plant that infected, and if an Uninfected bug gets on an infected plant, bites it, gets infected, and goes to your next plant, that's not infected, the bug bites it, and transmits the Bacteria. And then on, and on.

    Dark Purple Disease Affecting New Growth?
  16. 20190827_173051.jpg 20190827_182412.jpg Wow. That's a lot to digest.
    I have 4 outside plants (all mainlined with 8 colas each) and only 2 plants are affected. Both only have 2 mains affected the other 6 are ok. The new growth isn't stunted or abnormal in any way so I think I'm gonna leave them for another week before I think about pruning them.
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  17. I have the exact same thing popping up on 2 of 4 Midnight Kush plants and I’m freaking out, it looks like it’s the leaves themselves, not something growing on them. I can’t wipe it off, and now even some of the stems are purpling. One plant it’s only on some small under growth branches, the other one I noticed today and it’s on one of the main side colas.. [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  18. it is just turning purple. relax
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  19. Temp swings will do that.

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  20. Looks like a possible Phytoplasma.
    Any Update??

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