New growth shoots look like a canoe

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  1. Hi guys,
    I’m 22 days into my first coco grow using Cannas line of nutrients and coco medium. My tent has 4 315w cmh lights that are raised all the way up. I have ac which keeps the temps where I want them (75-78) and my RH is about 55. I have two hurricane fans on low to circulate the air. C02 comes from a exhale bag inside the tent, it also comes from outside the tent when I open up the doors. I feed everyday at 600ppm of canna ab ,Rhizotonic ,cannazyme. PH 5.9 water temp 70. Aside from my RH being a little low for veg I feel like my environment is dialed in pretty good.

    Now with that said I’ve noticed some of the new chutes and secondary leaves look like a little canoe. I don’t know if this is normal and that I’ve just never noticed it that much, or if there’s something I need to correct. I also feel like my plants should be bigger for there age considering they are fed once a day but maybe not. What do you guys think? Am I on track for 22 day old plants that I got as 5” tall clones? Shouldn’t I be seeing nice white roots growing out the bottoms?(there are some) any advice for a noob grower would be great. Should I see algae on the perlite at the bottom holes of the pot? Thanks guys

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  2. I water till 20 percent runoff
  3. I think of leaves up trying to catch water. Leaves down trying to protect itself. That’s just my messed up thinking.

    Algae is ok imho

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