New Growth, Plans Correct?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Dr0, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. First grow here, this is how I am planning out the first part of my grow, I'de like to know idea's and pointers if you see flaws in the description.

    1. Germination is in process right now, using the wet paper towel method, waiting for it to sprout
    2. Using a 5 gal white bucket to start the plant in, that will be places inside of a chest to insure darkness ( this doesnt mean in planting the germinated seed in a 5 gal buket filled with soil, i jsut dont wanna have to paint the inside of the chest white, so im using a white bucket )
    3. Planting the germinated seeds into soil with a CFL light at the top of the bucket, with the reversed side of tin foil covering the whole top besides where the CFL light is, to reflect the light back down onto the plant. ( is the tin foil necessary, is it beneficial? )
    4. Will start the vegetation process inside of the 5 gal bucket, inside of a chest with no fan. ( Problematic, or is the ventalation of fresh oxygen not important during the veg stage? )

    So far thats how im planning the first part of my growth to go, suggestions welcomed.:wave:

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