New growth on bud sites looks skinny/twisted/clawing

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  1. Bubble Auto Day 40
    3 Gal pot
    2x2 Grow tent
    135w HLG v2 R-Spec
    Lights are about 24-26 above plants
    Temps are 74-77, RH 45%-55%
    Light cycle 24/0[​IMG][​IMG]

    This was the last feeding of nutrients on day 36
    FoxFarm Trio Nutrients
    2ml/Gal Big Bloom
    2mlGal Tiger Bloom
    3-4ml/Gal CalMag
    PH’d to 6.3-6.5, run off was 6.0-6.1

    This was today’s watering
    2ml/liter CalMag
    Ph’d to 6.5, run off was 6.3-6.4
  2. On that last picture, the ones on the far right look better (color-wise). Why?

    Also, maybe pull out (er...drop out) one of the questionable ones from its pot, and determine if it's root bound?

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