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  1. Hey guys, I have 8 plant in veg and almost all of them are doing something none of the books or guides have told me about. All of the new growth leaves are tightly curling downward, They are not wilting just curling down and I cant find this problem in any of my books. I live in a very dry climate I was wondering if they need more water but I just watered yesterday. I would appreciate any help thanks.
  2. sounds like over wartering to me ,only warter when the top inch or two of your soil is dryed out.
  3. Are you growing indoors or outdoors? What are your temps like?
  4. I am growing indoors and the temp varies between 75-84 throughout the day. I know to check the soil on the first inch or so and the soil is very dry when I water should I just let them dry completely out before watering again?
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    Im not 100% on this but if the leafs are like reallllly curling down then I think its an Iron deficiency... makes the leafs look like a "ram horn" Off the top of my head I would say either a Ca or Fe deficiency.

    ...Is that strange new growth a healthy green color or is it yellowing???
  6. Give this a read and see what might apply to your situation. Under watering is a probable cause.


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