new growth light green?

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  1. hey guys i went to check on my friends plant and the new growth where it had been topped is a very light green in comparison to the rest of the plant..... why would this be? too close to the light or what? iv never encountered this before, hes running CFL lights about two directly over the plant and about 4 more through out the tent, temps 77-84 F with an exhaust fan

    here is a pic,

    it does have water misted on it in the pic

    thanks guys :)

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  2. Its cool just fresh new growth it will get darker with age
  3. Plant looks droopy. Put it in a biger medium
  4. Light colored new growth is normal. Leaves do look a little droopy though
  5. That soil look a bit dry around edges u sure it nice and moist
  6. ok cool, and yes thats due to my friend over watering the damn thing, an he figured it would be a great idea to dump a full load of nitrogen in (hence the dark green leaves)

    yea i took the pic "mid water" it was fully moist when it hit the tent

    bigger medium? noooo that thing just got transplanted into that, the root system is far to small for a larger pot just yet the plant is self is only maybe 4 weeks..... it was the runt of our litter :D

    ok cool thats good to know, this is my first time with the topping method, do yall top ever other new top ? like top- let the new tops grow in and wait for the to grow small new tops then do it again or do yall wait longer than that?

    and i wanna thank you all for all an any input as it is much appreciated :)
  7. I top wait till it heals and top
  8. If anything I'd say the old growth looks overfed, and the new growth is perfect :D

  9. sweet i appreciate the reply !!

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