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  1. Ok, so my girls are just about over the whole fert burn incident and are back to growing like crazy! I started feeding with 10-10-10 at 1/4 strength. Now I'm doing 1/2-3/4 strength, then 1/4 strength the next watering, then back to 1/2-3/4 strength, and she seems to like it (only one is old enough to be feed at the moment).

    However, now my new growth is coming in a greenish-yellow color. It doesn't really strike me as unhealthy looking, but I'd still rather be sure.

    Here are some pics:

    I can't imagine that they're supposed to be so yellow, but if nothing is wrong, then I'm totally diggin' the colors, lol. I think it looks pretty sweet, but something is telling me that something is going wrong, or she's lacking something that I should be giving her (wrong ferts maybe?).

    Well, let me know what you think is going on.

    Much Appreciated.
  2. looks like lockout

    calcuim def for certain, potassium, magnesium possibly,

    I dont know if its the ferts causing the shutdown. maybe PH
    what brand of ferts are you using?

    To rule out PH related issues complete a soil runoff PH test.......
    with PH corrected water (6.5-6.8PH ) pour enough water in the pots so the water runs out the bottom of the pot ...test the PH of this water....
    If the PH reading is out of optimum range 6.5-6.8 PH, you need to flush your plant.
    Flush with PH corrected water, till in optimum PH range, 3 times the volume of the pots rule of thumb but may require much more flushing if the rootball is thick & sour
    EG: 1 gal pot = 3 gal. flush
    add 1/2 strength nutes to the last gallon of the flush.

    you need PH test equipment, chemical PH test or digital PH meter also PHup & Down Correcting Solutions....for emergency you can use vinegar to go down and baking soda to correct up....
  3. The ferts I'm using is a brand called Liquid Growth (see pic below), I've never heard of 'em but it was the only one at Meijer that was 10-10-10 (was looking for even numbers across the board because that's what I had been told to use). Unfortunately I was too impatient to wait for a brand like Miracle Grow or Fox Farm or the like.

    The pH of my soil is 6.5 so that shouldn't be causing the lockout (to my knowledge).

    The pH was 7.0 a few weeks back but I did a flush as per those exact "copy/paste" instructions that you use so often :p. Also, now I water with pH corrected water (between 6.2 and 6.5). Ever since the pH stays between 6.3 - 6.8.
  4. apparently your ferts are lacking in the micronutes if your ph is ok, check the bottle for a list

    try cranking up the nutes you have a bit

    Edit: your ferts arent complete, no micronutes, instead of starting to add this and that to compenstae why not get better fertilizer
  5. micronutes?

    Ok, I'mma go research a good all-in-one fert/nute solution to my problem... or an all-in-two, or three or however many it takes to get whatever it is I need. Apparently feeding my plants isn't going to be as simple as I had anticipated.

    In the meantime if you want to throw a good brand out there for me, or even better a specific of exactly what I should buy, that'd be cool to as it would save me the precious time that it's going to take to find what I need... and something that people seem to agree on.

    Thank You.
  6. if everyone used this MG ferts & PH balanced eveything that went in the pots, this would be a lonley place....seriously

    Vegatative cycle fertilizer
    Miracle-Gro® Water Soluble All Purpose Plant Food (they make several fertilizers be sure its this one)
    Fertilizer Analysis: 24-8-16 with micronutrients
    2 level "Teaspoons" per gallon of water, (reduce this by 50% first time application) use this as your water, feed every other watering till flowering

    Flowering cycle
    I recommend Fertilome, Root Stimulator and plant starter....
    the NPK is perfect: 4-10-6
    2 teaspoons per gallon of water every other watering........ use this as your water ...discontinue use 3-4 weeks prior to harvest...flush last 2 weeks...I also like to add 1 tablespoon of unsulphured molasses to the last gallon of the flush......thats it no more water .....
  7. Thanks! I'll head over to the hydro store (or maybe just to the local gardening center) this weekend and pick those up.

    On a slightly less than happy note, I just looked closely at the side of that bottle and it said that it is "pH neutral between 6.5 and 7.5. Thankfully I don't think I'm adding enough to really effect the soil too much (obviously if it's still at 6.5), but it's still frustrating to know that I was contradicting my whole effort.

    Anyways, thanks for all the help!

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