New growth is yellow and seems shriveled?

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  1. Thanks ahead of time for any help, I am a complete noob that has run into all kinds of issues already and you guys are great.:smoking:

    :confused: Here she is anyone tell me what the yellowing and strange growth from the new leaves is?
    I may be over reacting but the pics don't quite display how yellow they are. 26 days from breaking dirt and have fed no nutes. Soil is a mix of 25% Perlite, 25% worm castings and 50% Whitney farms premium potting soil.

    The soil contains:
    Aged and processed softwood bark and sawdust
    SPhagnum peat moss
    composted animal manure
    Dolomite lime

    PH in is 7
    PH out is 6.5
    Soil ph is 6.6 (measured with cheap soil meter)

    Watering every 3-4 days, no nutes.

    Day 26 from breaking dirt:




  2. Boy, I was hoping for a little input before I finished my whole search!
    So of all the guides I read I found a few things it may be, but I need some help to make sure:

  3. Looks over nuted to me.
  4. Have not fed her anything yet but whats in the soil.

    And when I water, I do so generously. With distilled water with a small amount of dolomite lime every other feeding if needed for Ph.
  5. yeah i was thinking the same thing.. looks like a slight N overdose to me as well.
  6. So what should I do to fix this? I have not fed her yet:confused:
  7. anyone else have an opinion or fix for this? it seems to be getting worse.
  8. transplant into neutral soil and hope for the best. if you see white crap built up on the pot or soil and root system flush the plant with ph water to remove any excess nutrient salts.
  9. So I fixed the problem, by feeding some MG houseplant food. Only gave 1\3 strength and the color returned very quickly. However all the leaves that were affected and were growing shriveled are staying that way. They are growing again and have the color back and are not shriveling any more, but will it recover? Should I clip the bad ones? Just let it go?

    Thanks for the help guys.
  10. They'll bounce back in time. Generally speaking, these plants are very hardy and the 3 most common things that go bad are over/under watering, over/under feeding and ph out of range for medium.

    Always check those 3 things before looking to a sick plant guide, they are often misleading. Those 3 things out of whack is what often leads to other more serious issues.

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