New growshop in January/February

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Superjoint, Nov 11, 2002.


Would you be intrested in buying growing supplies online at

  1. YES!!!

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  2. Maybe, depends on the pricing

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  3. No, I'm not buying my growv stuff online

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  4. Not intrested

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  1. Hi Boys and Girls,

    We are building very hard on our new grow supply shop, just intrested if there would be intrest on the board for growing supplies? Also suggestions for the shop inventory are apreciated, lamps, fertilizers??? You name it we will try to get it for you.

    Let me know, I apreciate it!


  2. I do believe if you start selling grow stuff, people will buy from you.. There is always someone looking to buy these items online!

    Another great idea SJ!
  3. of corse i would buy for you SJ!
  4. Im really surprised not more people responded to this..I voted but Ill give my 2 cents as well..
    I think I would definatly buy from grasscity as far as growing equip. I wish I was in a place where I could, Id probably be one of the first customers! so I cant help there..but with all the gorwers we do have on the boards..even the ones just starting out or thinking about it, like I said, Im surprised more people didnt respond to this thread!
  5. id buy some stuff maybe.
    nice to know u are buying from someone that cares also.
  6. i also thought this thread would get alot more response!!!
  7. Hell yeah....after the difficulty i had on getting a good blooming fert, that you can buy anywhere in Holland....i'd buy stuff.....Peace out...Sid
  8. good idea. except it wouold be even better if you guys hooked it up with the lowest prices around like you do on the glass peices. you should also sell kits. like a kit with the lights, ferts, soil, pots all in one that people can buy, that would be tight.

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  9. Hell yes Super J!! That would be the tightest!!
  10. I'm with I_Want_To_Grow on this. Sell this stuff at a decent price and you'll do quite well, I'm sure.

    Great Idea SJ!

  11. hey SJ...

    i need lights for all cycles, soil, and ferts for NL plants... as well as a PH tester. if you can get these at a decent price (US currency?) i'll buy :D

    for lighting, i need a 250W HPS. i'll probably need floros as well, but i'm not sure what wattage/how many yet. my grow space will be 3.5' tall x 4' long x 1.5' deep...

    anywayz... keep us posted :)
  12. My concern would be pricing, shipping, delivery time, and customs. Coming fom overseas, the shipping costs have got to be high for some of the nutes. But SJ I have a good idea for grow supplies that I have never seen anywhere that I'll PM you.

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