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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by S&M, Jan 16, 2010.

  1. Ok, so at my friends farm out in the deep woods we found an old tree fort. We fixed it up and found potting soil bags and such. This got my mind going.......I should grow here! The area is well typical Florida wet lands. But the fort is in a tree so the wet lands are a defense so ppl wount find it. I'm going to use camo to cover it up. (we walked by this thing at least 8 times before noticing it). I am getting seeds in march. I know about growing normal garden plants but not about Mary Jane. Tips and input will be much appreciated. :D
  2. If soil was already there, then maybe it was someone Else's grow spot first.
    So i wouldn't recommended growing there in case those people come back.
  3. I thought about that but its on his property and he has owned it for about 10 years so we have been watching it for activity and there hasn't been any. but ya i don't wanna get shot.
  4. the spot sounds perfect... but maybe, as the guy above said, a little too perfect...
    how old were the packs of soil you found? from this season or older?
  5. The bags were quite old. They were plastic and very degraded.
  6. then it's probably safe... ;)

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