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new growing journal (orange bud) & (ak-47)

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by cropfarmer18, Jun 2, 2003.

  1. wazzzup people in da yall doin. I baught a half ounce of orange bud from a dealer dat ma bro's took me to and der was about 10 seeds in da bag chillin wi all their buds!(hahaha do ya get it) any way so i planted the seeds on friday and watered them down, i also went for some fertilizer called 'miricle grow' (some kind of plant food) and they have been in 24/7 light through to 2day. they have been in natural sunlight through the day and 2 100watt halogen bulbs through the night also with a fan blowing on them. i thought dis would make them sprout in about 2-5 days but they still havn't sprouted. wot do i need to do with ma babies to get them out of the soil and into this world?.....peaceout.....
  2. uhh dont use halogen bulbs for growing, use some fluoros or hps or mh. Also dont fert for a while but if u want to do it at low strength like 1/4 strength. But they should be sprouting soon and good luck with your grow!! :)
  3. will halogen bulbs be ok for now if there are like 2 100watt bulbs and wen i do get flouros or hps how da feck do ya install them in ya closet?...
  4. don't use halogen like smurfs said, as for lighting, it isn't needed till it sprouts, just don't let the pot get too dry, or too wet, don't add fert till the plants approx 3 weeks old.........Peace out........Sid
  5. so i dont need light at all untill it sprouts. so wot kind of place do i put my plants in now. there outside in the sun now is dat ok untill it sprouts and leaving them in the dark at night is dat cool?
  6. and how come halogen bulbs dont work
    mine are a pair of bright mother fuckers and damn they get hot.....
  7. they'll be fine just now where they are, as long as you keep it moist........and it has nothing to do with the brightness of the lioght, it is the spectrum that's emmited from the light......MH= blue spectrum HPS=red spectrum combined = dual spectrum........halogens emmit too much heat, and in the wrong spectrum.........the plant likes blue for vegging and red for flowering, but can done red all the way........Peace out.........Sid
  8. so wot do you suspect i do wen they sprout wereshall i put them?because i dont know how to wire up a hps? help me sidious
  9. do you have any babys growing at this present moment in time if ya do can ya post some images of yer plants by private message or in this forum....peace....:)
  10. Why don't ya just grow outdoors?
  11. ben there lots of times but i'm not a member................Peace out.........Sid

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