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  1. Well I have this friend, ;), and he is using 4 23w 6500k bulbs facing one plant. Would this suffice for him. It's his first time ever. Wattage wise though, he thinks he should just get a 150w HPS...
  2. I am a big advocate for Fluorescent T5's or HPS / MH bulbs. CFLs 'will' work, but you wont get much yield and IMO is just a waste of time.

    These are really popular: Hydrofarm FLT44 Commercial T5 4FT 4 Tube Fixture

    But may not work if you have certain size limitations.
  3. CFLs works well when coupled with LST. I'm planning on coupling my CFLs with the ScroG technique.
  4. you can get a 400w switchable that comes with both bulbs on ebay for fairly cheap..can also get one with an adjustable ballast so you can turn it down if heat becomes a problem
  5. Get some clamp light reflectors from the hardware store to put the bulbs in and you'll get a lot more efficiency out of those CFLs.

    I grew 5 plants in a tiny cupboard with maybe 2 more CFLs and I pulled about 2-3 ounces out of there. Just focus on keeping the plant trained, and small, and try to grow just one or two colas per plant. Remove all the lower bud sites as they won't ever beef up enough to be substantial. Better to have the plant dedicate hormones and resources into stacking the cola at top nearest the somewhat weak light sources.

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  6. If a 150w HPS is feasable, I would suggest it over the CFL's ...

    400w would be even better!
  7. The only reason I'm worried is because the plant is about 14 days old and is only about 5 or 6 inches tall. It has a lot of leaves and is bushy and green but other pictures I see show plants that age with very stiff, broad leaves.

  8. i think that lower yeilds are better than no yeilds at all imho so there is no way im wasting my time lol.
  9. If you measure worth of what you get to price if you get caught then I would say it's wasting time if you don't do it right
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    This is an example on the economic term "opportunity cost"

    Definition: Opportunity cost is the cost of any activity measured in terms of the value of the best alternative that is not chosen

    Day to Day example: The opportunity cost of going to school everday, is not being able to work.

    When you chose to do one thing (use CFL) you are giving up your other options. If it is fesable to have an HPS system setup, yet you still still choose not too, you arent being as efficient as you can be. Sure, CFL can grow a plant, but im no comparison to what you can grow with HPS systems.

    Its all about being as efficient as possible. I would think if your going to take the time to veg for 1 month, flower for 2-3 months, then dry and cure for another month .. that you would want to be as efficient as possible.

    If just doesn't make sense, that if you CAN use hps systems, why people choose not to.


    Example: I see you made a thread "5 weeks old and 8 inches tall" Thats some CFL statistics right there.

    now, look at my plant at 5 weeks old, under a 600w HPS light.


  11. Yup good ole macro...had that last semester
  12. haha, yea ... im in micro right now, macro next semester.
  13. Yeah, this plant will continue to grow under the CFL's for now since I already bought them. I'm gonna wait til after christmas to invest in a HPS system. At least the CFL's aren't a total waste considering I can just install them in my regular sockets and save some energy all round.

  14. holy shoit thats amazing. looking into hps :)
  15. i vegged my plant under 4 14w t5 bulbs 6500k.

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