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  1. Hey im a newish grower. Ive read some books and seen videos but still dont wanna see my girls die. They r bout four weeks in and i just started using 12 n 4p 8k as nutes and they r bout eight inches tall with all green and green/white stems with 5 branches or rows of branches. Anyways i just want some info so i.can finish the grow and enjoy the fruits of my labor(more like hobby). Thanks
  2. so, what info do you want? you didnt ask a single question o_O
  3. Pretty much the basics. If i leave my plants outside everyday for natural sunlight but grow them in pots will they be ok? Is the fertilizer combo good for now and how long should i use it till flowering? Also when do i need to flush them before the buds grow. In te future i wanna get better materials but i wanna learn to grow first
  4. Yes you can put them in pots and leave them outside, I do. Your nutes will be good for now. I would stop veg nutes two weeks before flowering, water plain for a week and then introduce small amounts of bloom nutes.
  5. What r good blloom nutes? Any reccomendations that dont cost an arm or leg to aquire
  6. I've had good luck with fox farm big bloom and/or tiger bloom. There are many brands just visit you're local hydroponics store.
  7. Can it be ordered online without the suspicion of cops tracking down my address? Cuz q cop lives four houses down from me. Also there r no hydroponic stores around where i live i think the closest is iowa city and that an hour And a half drive.
  8. These nutrients can be used for many plants I live and grow next to police don't worry about online purchases.
  9. Qnother question i got is about the transplant pot im gunna put it in. I want to use a 5 gallon bucket but from what i have read in the mRijuana growing bible the standard pot used to transplant into was 55 gallons which seems a little much for one plant, i mean thats the size of a barrel of oil
  10. thats not true. lol. most people use between a 5 and 10 gallon pot. lol. some even use 15 gallon pots. but 55 gallon is a bit much. lol.
  11. 55 gallons is huge lol I have a 4 foot plant in a 2.5 gallon and it's saturated with roots to the point where I can't take an inch of soil out and it is too far into flowering to transplant such a large plant do not make same mistake
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    Ic thats good

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