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  1. Ok hello everyone, just want to start by saying HELLO:wave:

    Well lets get to the topic, i have been throwing seeds in my smoke spot and what do you know those son of a bitches started to grow:cool:

    now i have about 10 plants that are starting to bud, i have done nothing to them but add a little molasses twice, thats it my plants are not tall but they are growing, just want to get opinions on should i harvest them or not, its almost winter and i fear they will die, im not a big smoker, and i really dont want to bring them home to dry or anything just excited that they grew...

    I have more recent pics but they wont upload the plants are about 1 foot tall but are budding, there is one male it has lots of seeds i looped it back into the ground...:eek::smoke:

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  2. Personally id look after them. They have come this far, might as well harvest some bud.
    Then again judging by those pictures, they are spindly as all fuck. Need more sunlight and nutrients.

    If you can be bothered i would look after them. Good learning experience with nothing to lose and bud to gain.
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    Imo they look like they just started preflower a week ago.. You have quite a way to go until they would be anywhere near ready for harvest.. You can keep looking after them for awhile, but as they are now you would be harvesting lawn trimmings.. If I were you I would wait to see if they get close before winter and it your buds don't finish make hash.. I probably wouldn't put much effort into it, but thats just my .02 if the first frost comes soon.. May want to stop by the outdoor grower site and compare your progress to the others.. Happy growing tho man regardless
  4. yeaaaa. they chill is comin soon right? be careful not to lose them completely.. common houselights would keep them alive if u wanted to move them inside. IDK. if u can.
  5. I check on my little guys once a day..... ok, sometimes twice.
  6. get a farmers almanac and find out when the next frost is going to be.
    if its too soon then they will most def. die. maybe you could bring them in somewhere?
  7. I Could move them inside but i would have to transport, i dont want to hurt the roots or anything, if they dont grow it would be fine, but its just shocking i have more pics of them where you can see they are clearly budding but... like i said they just grew.. if i put them in a box surrounded in aluminium foil with a heat lamp would that help or move them to more lighting outdoors would that help?:(
  8. and yes its fall now about to get cold so inside is my best be

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