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    You will think this is the funniest question yet. I am a new smoker and a new grower. I am what they call a "granny grower". I am in the process of setting up an indoor garden, and am about to order seeds, but what I am concerned about right now is finding someone to sell my crop.
    I thought I was hooked up with someone, but his wife (erroneously) thought I was trying to steal her man. (I already have one, why in God's name would I want another?) Anyway, how do I go about finding someone to market my lovingly, organically raised sensemilla without getting in trouble? I have always heard it is a really bad idea to grow it and also sell it. Suggestions? :cool:

    Talk of Dealing is not Allowed here...Please don't do it......unoit
  2. i'm new you can take this advice, or leave it...

    but i wouldn't sell...not unless you already know someone who can get rid of it FOR YOU. but searchin around, trying to find someone...i dunno...i wouldn't risk that.

    and there is no way in hell i'd try to unload it a little at a time (like becoming a gram here and 1/8th there kinda dealer...cause all of them that i know have been caught, or close to it)

    what about the man you were trying to he know anyone? i wouldn't deal with him directly anymore though...his wife might get all pissy and report you "anonymously"

    sorry for your predicament though.
  3. why dont you worry about growing the plants first. you havent even planted and your thinking of selling. you might not even get a good crop. anyways if you dont know alot of people taht smoke find somebody that does and hook up with them. first grow the dam pot dont get ahead of the game.
  4. solid advice

  5. You are not the only one here.

    My only advice is don´t count your chickens, but Very Good Luck to you.
  6. Okay, I'll take your advice and just grow my little plants. BTW, thanks to you all for helping me. It's also nice to know I'm not the only one out there. Oh, and Doris, I love your screen name. :gc_rocks:
  7. Thinking ahead...If you're growing it, i wouldn't sell it in dimebags and shit like that, but if you're selling a large quantity to one person then I think that dramatically decreases the risk of anything happening.
  8. Like I said, I had someone I thought was going to sell it for me, but that didn't work out. I only want to grow it. I don't want to sell it myself. I just don't know how to go about finding someone else to sell it for me. That was really what I wanted to know. Everyone told me just to shut up and grow my little plants and not to count my buds before they bloomed: )
  9. Everyone that told you this is right one of the best things that i have heard and keep on hearing is that these plants are all about karma you get what you put in. Worry about growing the best fucking shit and a lot of it(if money is what you are after) this is not something that is done overnight((Patience). The best advice that i can give you is to read until you cant stand it anymore knowledge is something you can never get enough of, Good luck and dont tell anyone you are in good company here tell us.:smoke:
  10. you are totally worrying about the wrong things who cares who buys ur stuff just get it in your hands first make your dreams come true. take it steps at a time your probably already planning what you wanna buy with the money you would get from "giving" it. haha

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