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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by ConstanceTheory, Jun 6, 2009.

  1. :smoking:OK, i know theres going to be the people telling me i need to do all the fancy stuff, but im looking to grow three plants and the crop is all head smoke. what is the least amount of equipment i need. im thinking a light, some soil a fan and a planter. will i grow bud with just that or do you reccomend something else?:smoking:
  2. pool ph tester, i would use 3- 5 gal buckets, & some nutrients . as your grow gets going start buying other things like a digital ph tester ,tds meter , maybe some black n white polly, carbon filters/duct fans ect.
  3. Thank you very much, and all that considered im looking to do this the way people did it before we all got super weed smart lol. so again my question is, what is the bare minimum i can equip myself with and just grow some weed not super weed.
  4. ok....use grow bags (instead of pots/buckets - they're like 75cents apiece for 5gal size), use a 250 watt HPS (your yield will be denser than if you go with the cheaper alternative of CFLers - you can find inexpensive light kits at HIDHut HGT supply etc), get decent soil (look for local producers at your grow shops as they will have like qualities of the foxfarms promix type soils but will be way cheaper and will come in smaller bag sizes - fyi foxfarm comes in 50lb bag sizes which is way to much for a small grow)....on the and also end - a hygrometer ($12 at home depot - you get temp and humidity), ona block ($10 at most grow shops - nuetralizes smells), a small oscillating fan ($10-15 to keep the air moving and grow cab cool). and lastly mid way through the flowering stage add unsulphered molasses (not regular sugar or honey) to the your water for a bump in yield (as much as 20% - its available at the super market in the baking section and way cheaper than those nute carbo blooms).

  5. i think one small hps light to take the whole grow from start to finish, some pots and they don't need to be huge, any soil that doesn't have fertilizer added to it that slow releases, white vineger 5%(3/4tsp to gallon water for ph adjustment), fertilizer(and yes, miracle grow works just fine i swear), a water supply, some foil for your room/area/box's walls, and some way to change the air or ventilate or cover the smell(we mostly all use carbon socks and inline fan's i see by the posts). That's about it for basic-basic's. The stuff is a weed, it'll grow fairly well with just basic's.

    --but do read the other posts for degree's of fancy, you will want to upgrade from basic rapidly... as soon as you have weed in hand.
  6. Thanks guys i just needed some basics till i get weed in hand this is perfect Thanks.
  7. when i first started i grew one plant, all i had was two planters, a 1 gallon and a 3 gallon. a couple of cfl bulbs and the cheapest fckn soil i could find. that was it... i cant remember exactly, it was years ago, but the plant made a about a quarter dry.

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