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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Ryan, Oct 5, 2003.

  1. Ok I haven't grown before but I am really really really interested in growing, I am buying seeds soon I just need to decide which strand to purchase and from what breeder

    I need a strand that isn't too expensive but will be good for a new grower, also the more bud the better ;P What is your opinion on a good strand/breeder for a new grower?
  2. i would go with bagseed first. simply because you can screw it up and not have to worry about messing up your genetic seeds plus saving some money. once you get it down with the bagseed, 3 weeks tops, go ahead and order your genetics. and start those. you have a control group that you can experiment with and not make the same mistakes with the genetics.

    as far as a strain, honestly i couldnt tell you what to go with for the simple fact that i never really paid much attention to them. however i can tell you what i like. ak47. gl :)
  3. nirvana breeder top44, big bud, ice, bublegum are good pics for a beginer also jack horror.....

    LOL. dont get jack horror its really hard to grow.
  4. all depends on the high your after.....

    heady- and sativa or sativa dominant strain. (like powerplant, i think)
    body, or "couch lock" - indica or indica dominant strain (like Northern ligths)

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