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    hey there everyone, i posted something about my plants in another dept,on accident which i posted pic of my plants..not sure if the site will allow duplicate threads ,but i noticed i cant post the same pic's in another thread..but in the chill out/somkers dept so u can see my pics there.

    my girls are starting to get the white pinicils,or tenticals lol yippy ;) it's got nice green leaves and good strong the thing is what do i do now?
    what should i look out for and when do i go do the next step after the flowering begins?
    im'a new grower and have no idea what to do next.i tried growing before but i wond up having i really have no tools like lights n stuff ,I ONLY HAVE ONE LIGHT BAR THAT YOU GET AT YOUR PLANT SECION OF WALMART..LOL WHICH HELPED Me.

    so far the plants been growing since may and it now it approching sept. is this a normal kind of time frame of this plant to produce?and does strains have anything to do with growing time?
    i can say that my plants misterioussly brought it's self back to life,it began to spot,turn yellow and look like it was going to die on me in the begining. i started out indoors but then had to place/hide outside..and whalla it's big n beautiful..and flowering now..yippy!!!

    so guys what do i do now? how much longer do i have to wait to do the harvesting...boy i cant like ive been waiting all my life lol.

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