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  1. so I'm a new grower, I got one in a DWC bucket and 4 in soil. 2x2 tent, 450w viparspectrum led and a 100w cfl on a clamp light. How many of these plants can I end up growing at once?


  2. I wouldn't try more than 4 myself, and that would be plants that did sog well. Best bet would prob be one under a scrog screen.
  3. I've got 2 in a 4x4. They pretty well fill it, and ended up moving from 5 gallon buckets to 17 gallon totes.
  4. Can I keep growing them until I find out the sex and then remove all them except 1-2?
  5. CAN you? Sure. But should you? Depends. You won't find out sex until they start to flower, so you'll be limited on space for veg. Can you make it work? Absolutely. You just won't get as much size to the plant as you would have otherwise.

    If I had to work in a space that small, I'd either go with fems or clones of known females, just to avoid that problem. But you can certainly grow them, take clones right before flower, and then find out sex and grow the new ones right, if that's the way you want to do it. At that point, anything you get from the females you keep is almost a bonus (as long as you're patient.)
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  6. Thanks for the response man! if you were we would you just go with one plant?
  7. I think, if I were working in a space that small, with no known fems, I'd grow all of them and clone them (making sure to mark which plants made which clones). It's not hard. Then, when you have a male, you throw it out, along with the clones made from it. Then you only have females. Once you know how to clone, you can just keep making more females and do 1 at a time.

    Without knowing your situation, skills, budget, etc, that's as far as I'd go in recommendations. Personally, I'd build a bigger space. You can make a 4x4x7 for next to nothing if you have the right spot for it, and run the light you already have. I run a 600, but a 450's not a problem. In my opinion, the overpriced nature of the grow tents make too many people grow in too small a space to save a few bucks, or spend far more money on a space they could have had for less money.
  8. Yea, this is my only setup as of now. I have to keep it very discreet because of the state I'm in. I eventually want to get a 4x4 and 2nd 450w light, once I move. I have zero experience, this is my first grow, but I've done my homework. I just wonder if I'll get a bigger yield from one plant in a 2x2 or 2 plants.
  9. I have the same tent I tried 4 plants it worked but not a lot of weight a oz each I did one plant in a 24x24x48 and pulled 8 oz wet and got a little under a qp

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