new grower with porblems :(

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by growplzkthx, Jan 28, 2004.

  1. hello there :)
    new grower seeks help and as soon as i get my camera working i'll post pictures of plant's.
    germinated seed's without a problem then put them in a propigator so they sprouted, after they were about 3 inches tall i transplanted them to pot's.
    after 2 days of them being in pots the leaves have started to droop :( i have tried to flush them whoch i gather is just pouring water thru them, for this i used luke warm tap water.
    i am growing in my wardrobe with a 20w fluro lamp which = 1200 lumens sq foot, using foil to reflect the light around the plants, i have 6 small plants growing atm all with droopy leaves now.
    using a standard compost from a garden shop, the flowers are all in roughly a 2ft by 2ft area.
    i live in south east england
    i also live in a block of flat's, not sure if altitude has anything to do with this
    been keeping my lil fluro on 24/7 aswell, i know i need more light's which i will get soon but first have to figure out drooping problem
    plz help :)
  2. got camera working, here are some pics of my poor lil babys

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  3. 2 more pictures of plants and space i am using

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  4. HIGH All, hard to say....but the first thing I'd do is not water the babies till the soil dries..maybe a couple of days without water they might perkup. To see if your baby needs water..lift the pot if it's heavy don't water..if it's light water.

    MMMM thinking maybe your composed is hurting your babies
  5. thanks for the reply, will leave them to dry out a bit and hope that help's, flushing helps?
    changed grow space from tin foil to gloss white in case it was hot spot's from foil
  6. or it could also possible be the tap water.... if your on a well, the water is probably safe to use... but if its city water, you should have a clean bucket and fill it with some tap water, and leave it at room temperature for 24hrs... and use it to water you plants.. since most of the clorine and chemicals wll evaporate out....

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