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  1. hey whats up everyone, new grower here. these are bag seeds. they have been sprouted since 5/2. anyone have any advice? what does everyone think? idk whats up with the one plant. give some options please! lol

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  2. I don't know everything but I'd say they look pretty good at this point. You said bag seed were they all from the same. Maybe that ones a different strain?

    And if you want good detailed advice WE need more details everything soil,lights,pot size,temp,ph of water,tap water or not,humidity,room size...etc
  3. lol the 3 lights are 1600 lumens a piece, 26 watts. basic miracal grow soil. the light cycle is 18/6. i made the grow box 3 foot wide, 3 foot long and 1 foot wide. trying to learn how to keep the plants small. i am hoping to get a oz out of each. idk whats wrong with the one plant tho. im guessing the humidity is around 30-40 percent. thats what my snakes cage says and its only 5 feet away. pots are only like 5-6 inchs deep. and its tap water
  4. and they are all from the same bag
  5. Looks good so far. Not much more can be said untill they get older :) Stay High!

  6. im tryin to stay high lol but im running out so this cronic needs to hurry the hell up!!!

  7. lol I know how you feel Im waiting on my closet grow to finish so I can have some bud as well :)
  8. An oz off of each is definitely obtainable if you do it right. Look into nutes don't use miracle grow potting mix its not mixed for mj the organic is ok but probably need to add peat and perlite and if your using tap water is it well water or city water. Most cities use chlorine or chlorimede (I think I spelled wrong) and you need to let the water set for at least a day b4 you use it, if it has chlorimede don't use it mj don't like it and its not a bad idea to get a ph meter and test the water and adjust 6.3-6.5 (pretty standard)
  9. its city water and i have been letting it sit out before i use it. i want to try and do this right! i dont know how im gonna be able to keep 4 plants in this size box. i planted 4 just in case of any males or hermies

  10. Good Job
  11. There are ways of training to keep them contained Idk how (sea of green, screen of green techniques) but I've seen some pretty low grows on YouTube. IMHO if it were me trying to grow in that space I would TRYYY to get the LOWRYDER STRAIN look it up its perfect for your needs you would have to start over BUT It's autoflower and it only takes 8-10 weeks to harvest from seed!! ;-)
  12. Can't edit and add pics but here's a couple I found online

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  13. Just gotta say, as I know a lot of budget growers, many of them have used Miracle Grow with no problems. It also saved them having to manually deal with adding nutes (none of them have ever given their plants any nutrients and they still get okay yields of around an ounce per plant) - that's not to say it's a good habit to use Miracle Grow, but I think too many people are scaring people about it here, as if it would kill your plants etc. It works, but making some nice airy soil mix and adding your own (ideally organic) nutrients will produce better results.

    Anyway, nice plant, good luck with your grow. I've got some seeds germing myself now :)
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    Those are not my plants dude I was just showing how the lowryder grows short

    And as for as miracle grow....Yeah you CAN use it and if you get an oz per plant and that makes YOU happy then cool. OOR you can get an organic soil that you can add nutes to rt off the bat things that MARIJUANA NEEDS not daisies and maybe you get two ounces I have a good friend that is getting 4 ounces plus per plant....... SHH HE USES NUTRIENTS

    And yes adding nutes and ph testing the water and soil and monitoring heat and humidity and spinning the plants IS MORE WORK but you get out of it what you put into it.

    IMHO MY 2 CENTS......V
    I just re read I'm really NOT trying to be a DICK
  15. Not sure what's happening with your one curly plant but I am having a similar issue with similar conditions. Mine are a little bit ahead of you and seem to be doing fine. I wouldn't stress it. I'll be following yours.

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