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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by DankBlower, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. If tried to germinate my seeds from my diff bags. Ive never been able to germinate. I c all my friends just throwing seeds in soil and start growing. Why do u germinate and wut are the benifits from germinating?

    PS- Any simple easy to read and understand growing websites for newbs that u guys would recomend.
  2. yes try a google search or try search this site, don't be a retard the info is right under your nose
  3. who pissed on your fire jonster? the last 3 comments ive read of yours seem as though your pissed at something
  4. Germination is a seed starting to grow - something all seeds have to do.
    Some people start their seeds off in damp paper towels. They do NOT germinate any quicker than seeds placed in moist soil at the same temperature, nor do you get a better % germination rate.
    The advantage is that any duff seeds are removed before any effort has been expended on them.
  5. well come on man its a no brainer, the first time you knew you wanted to grow a crop, don't tell me you didn't research the thousands of growing sites before being a newb and joining this site asking probably the first rule in the book, go to the beginners buddy, the answer is very simple, speeds germination so planting in direct ground doesn't take a fucking week or two for germination.

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