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  1. So i went to check on my plants for thingers evening feeding

    and to my HORROR the frame and glass has fallen right off my DIY hood..

    thank god i had a clamp light in there with 2 supplemental lights on it, the glass fell a little crooked and the lights saved the day...

    the lights literally saved everything, there is not even a flat spot on any of jasmines buds,


    Any ideas on a better way to attach that to my hood??? i wont be using glue again, thats for sure...
  2. I've heard Gorilla Tape + Liquid Nails is a sure-fire way to get two things to stick together, and it won't degrade with heat exposure.
  3. never heard of liquid nails, but ill definately be getting some of that tape i guess, i cant really use screws cause i have to be able to pop the glass in and out of the frame still.
  4. awesome, thanks for the links
  5. dude you have like 20 plants, i'm afraid to even sub for fear of getting lost in the awesome, buuuut, i shall.

    and everything looks sick, btw.

  6. lol, thanks man, ya its a bit of work with 5 plants, i keep having such bad luck with my bagseeds, i have to germ four to end up with 1 or two seeedlings, my PK1 actually died yesterday, but i figured i would germ a seed on 420 to replace it, :devious:
    and me and my gf smoke more than this grow will supply. lol.
    we are planning a guerilla grow just for our own personals...
  7. Haha, yeah, i feel you. I definitely had about 7 or 8 bagseeds, only kept two of them, and they are females. I think maybe i might get started on another project though, so that when I get into the excruciatingly long and impatient flower stage i can smoke what i'm currently growing instead of worryin about pickin up from somewhere, lol! ughhh
  8. ya, man, that was my hopes too, then i realized one or two of these little guys is not gonna be enough, now im trying for 1 to 2 harvests every month or two,
  9. I have no pictures for this update, the new roomie seems to always be around....

    after waiting patiently, and watching the buds grow, at day 48 of flowering i clipped a sample off jasmine...

    at such an early date, it was still better than anything we can get locally, nice smooth smoke, real nice balanced high...

    but to my horror, she was getting bud rot, and i vowed to never lose a harvest to rot, I clipped them all....

    total smokable weight 16.3g, plus i will be making oil after i save up a lot more trimmings from further plants,

    I know most of the problem was the sides of the pot she was in were too high and restricted airflow around the buds, and my bud clusters were way to tight together

    im still fairly pleased for my first plant, even though i had to take her earlier than i wanted
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    Damn your plants look great man! And nice job on the DIY.
  11. thanks man,

    ya, the DIY fell apart for the second time today, dunno how im gonna fix it this time,
  12. What fell apart? Grab some pics maybe we can be your inspiration.
  13. the plastic picture frame came off my DIY light hood, but i have it wrapped in wire to hold itb all in place for now, after i round off all my plants i will be figuring out a better way to connect the foam board and plastic together,
  14. subbed as well mi amigo!

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