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  1. Awesome, loving the number of tops as well.
  2. hell yea, that's the way to do it
  3. Thanks for stoppin in :D

    ya i am definately aiming for a big harvest, but most of the buds are all branches and then side growth off the branches... but i am working pretty hard to get the whole canopy evened out to go for a maximum cola effect.. :D there is definately more than 10 as a result of a few successful FIMs and a few toppings.

    Any one got any advice for getting the canopy even? i have been LSTing and pinching tops twice a day for the past two days, and thats a pain with the new roommate...
  4. so in an attempt to get my temps under control i decided to build a hood, based on this one here

    i had to build it a bit smaller but it holds eight 44W CFLs (i only have 4x23W and 2x44W bulbs in it), and my big 125W above them, i used a pc fan from the local surplus store on the top to vent heat, working pretty sick so far! already maintaining ideal temps of 20c-25c in just minutes hopefully its not too late and my dying youngsters recover

    light! 004.jpg

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  5. Wow well done. That hood looks legit. That thing is gonna put out some beastly light! Cant wait to see the buds afterwards.
  6. thank you, ya, its putting out sick light already, gotta get some funds for more 44W CFLs and a 2300K-125W to change out for this one, more light=more rewards! hahaha lol i know i can add six more sockets to this hood, atleast, lol, and its only 16"x20"x8", that foam board is tougher than i thought, it is hanging by chain, that is attached with screw in hooks,
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    So Rex II, and "A" are dead, I am officially down to three plants, :(
    But they are doing amazing, despite how hard it has been to garden with the new roommate,
    i am germing four seeds at the moment, 2 from some tops of second generation purple kush that i just had, and 2 from some grape ape about two months back, the strongest one or maybe two will survive. :devious:
    I have also managed to fill my light hood with 6-40W 2700k 2-40W 4000k and my 125W 6500K, i also am using 2-23W 2700K as supplementary light around thinger
    I am already impressed with the results of so much light,

    Each of my currently living plants are doing so well they all get their own posts, coming right up, just need to upload pics
  8. Jasmine 62/30

    she is doing amazing, i just trimmed all her fan leaves and lower bud sites off, i also trimmed away bud sites that were already over crowded, still leaving her with many tops, i removed all the hooks to let her finish flowering naturally seeing as how i am constantly moving the light up because of thinger,
    april 10 014.jpg

    And here are some beautiful shots of the results of my LST
    april 10 016.jpg

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  9. Thinger 27/19

    Definately a female! :cool: proof is in the pics, still plan on letting her grow untrained in the cup, she grew 1 inch in the dark the other night, lights came on and the top was smashed against the glass, lol, at 10" tall already i have high hopes for this girl assuming the hempy pot solo cup works good, i am already having to water every day, :hello:
    april 10 024.jpg
    also she seems to be leaning a bit either cuz the supplementary lights are on that side or from her own weight,:eek:

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  10. Annabelle("B") 19 days

    she is doing great, got some serious LST'ing done yesterday, and she reacts amazing, practically moves to get the light better as i tie her down, i also just topped her, actually hoping for a successful FIM :devious: where it will be more like 4 tops than 2, we shall see soon enough, :hello: also her roots are exploding in growth, dont worry this container sits inside another on wrapped in foil tape :)
    april 10 028.jpg

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    Yo DyeNasty, everything loooks amazing and I really really dig your CFL hood and will probably make my own some day. One thing I'm really interested in is your Hempy Solo Pot, I'd like to know more details on that. I know how a regular Hempy Bucket works, I'm just curious as to how you executed it micro-grow style. Thanks :)

  12. same as normal ones, i seen a video on you tube of it, i just put hole in the side of the cup a little ways up, i am trying different setups, where its all one basic hempy pot, (which both trials died)

    Thingers pot is essentially a normal flower pot(cup with lots of drainage) with spacing to hold it just 1/4" off the bottom of a hempy pot cup with holes less than 1/2" up, the roots are loving having that open space,

    i dont water the "standard" way where i would flush it with 16oz of water every watering but i do flush once a week and normally the water doesnt stay in the bottom more than 8 hours now(she drinks lots), i almost need to set up an automatic feeding system.

    my next planned pot will have 1/2" "res." space with another 1/4" of space where the soil mix sits in the water. im hoping the bigger space will allow for longer periods between waterings,
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    ahhh okay. I dig it man, ever since I seen you mention your hempy solo cups I have been debating implementing it myself, however with the micro grow I plan on starting very soon I won't have room, I need much lower, wider containers to fully utilize my space. I think the 1/2" res plus 1/4" res/medium buffer zone will be excellent, because not only will you have to water less, but your plant will have more nute solution to soak up and grow like crazy. The thing I have always been amazed by were the humongous plants you can grow in a hempy style setup, and being a man who has little space to use but plans to use that space to the utmost efficiency, I think the solo cup hempy would be badass.
  14. So last night my GF came home, and after seeing how a plant can grow 2 inches in 24hrs she decided to implement light LST, I did not do any of it,

    the lower dead/dying leaves were trimmed off, the growth shoot on one side was patheticaly weak lookin and got the snip, the plant got bent about 6" up in the direction that was stripped to expose the remaining strong growth.

    after sleeping the whole 12 hr dark cycle, we were very surprised to see that the plant has grown more than 1" over night again and further tying is needed, so now the plant goes up and bends over then side ways to start a spiral sort of pattern:devious:

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  15. Jasmine 70/38

    not much to report on her really, the buds are getting a little fatter, really dense though, nice and crystally


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    Thinger 35/27

    So Thinger has almost doubled in size over the last week and a half, she has beautiful flowers, and is reacting amazingly to the LST, there is even two distinct Canopy Levels

    on a side note, i am watering her twice a day with 8oz of my feeding mix, even in the hempy cup she needs it, and sunday she gets 16oz of water twice instead, works as a flush

    Check her out
    Some nice shots of the main COLA

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    Annabelle day 27

    She is lookin good, im finally getting the hang of tying her to the rack, its actually fairly tricky...

    AN 11 point leaf! and an LST shot.

    I had previously mentioned 4 good bagseeds i had germing, one of the grape ape cracked but never sprouted, and the 2 purple kush seem to have their issues, but they seem to be doing ok still,

    Grape Ape, my "GrApe Crush Lollipop" Day 2 above ground :cool:
    the name speaks for itself

    PK1 - Day 3
    one of the catelydons on this one came off with the seed shell, :confused: but it is keeping up, it will be potted up into a larger rectangular container, which will determine when Annabelle moves to flowering,

    PK2 - Day3
    one of the catyledons split in half when the seed shell came off :confused:
    but it seems ok,
    It will be grown out in the improved Hempy Cup, hopefully it will require less waterings than thinger

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  18. this is a great fucking journal, definately fucking sub'd bro, awesome bud porn:)

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