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  1. oh hell yea man, just as long as it's past a few nodes, go ahead and top away.

    all of my sides are topped, i did top two of them kinda of early in veg and they are not as tall/big as the other sides

    LST/SCRog, top around 72 times, and you'll pull a pound from a single plant
  2. awesome, clip clip, i shall do just that, i think i might wait a lil on the tops they still only have 2 nodes from the fork,
  3. Cool grow. I like your window venting setup. I would totally do that if I was on the second story. I topped my plants I cant even remember how many times. I have like 100 tops now or something with all my plants. I totally support the topping idea. Although Im gonna see if the colas are significantly smaller now. I heard the more you top, the smaller the colas get...anyone attest to this?

  4. i have read that too, but every time i see pictures of topped plants in flower they just look like they have more tops same size as non-topped, maybe i will have to try it with two plants side by side, ill use clones from my next batch :D
  5. tis true! topped colas are smaller then one "untopped" big cola


    the smaller topped colas together will yield more bud then just one massive cola

  6. awesome! thats what its about for me and my GF, yield, the more we get for us, the more $ we save! lol and we smoke 4 grams a day on a slow day. haha
  7. Lets see the LST! I'm a huge fan of that method (one of the few i swear by) and would like to see how she's goin!
  8. :wave: Hi mrbear2point8! thanks for stoppin by

    these are the best two shots i could get to show her LST, she is 2-3 inches off the ground all accross, i waited a little long to start bending her but it is definately proving worth it.

    LST Shots March18 005.jpg

    LST Shots March18 002.jpg

    i chose to make wire hooks out of an old coat hanger rather than try and put a bunch of holes in my pot, besides i think it worked better for me, i just wanted to spread her out, no fancy patterns seeing as how its my first ever actual grow,
    my second attempt at LST i plan on using the same big pot for the root space, also its a wick type self watering which is nice cuz it keeps the soil airy and allows me to keep the bottom saturated between waterings, and i am going to incorporate one or two approx. 6x24inch wire racks out of my mini fridge, if i wire them to the pot in a cross it will create a mini screen over the centre plus give me "wings" to spread the tops and branches along using string to LST, im thinking it will be epic,
  9. In short. keep doing what you're doing. looks great. yeah I wish i'd have prepared for later growth that im dealing with now crowding my buds haha. stems weren't quite long enough when i flipped, but i wanted to stay on schedule. and now look, running over anyways haha

    Good luck!! I'll be keeping an eye on this

  10. awesome, thanks man, your grow is beautiful, one of my inspirations to try LST actually, glad to have you along :D
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    She seems to be reacting well to the LST! Looks like you'll be having 5-6 big colas on your plant come harvest time. Keep it up!:hello:

    edit: didnt see the the part the screen

    man if u do that thats gonna be a big harvest for u! how much longer are you gonna veg for??
  12. well this one vegged for 5 weeks, and based on my increase in knowledge and the size of this plant compared to the screens i will be using, i think my next one might end up vegging for 8-12weeks, i got a big closet lol, and i will be trying it on a much smaller scale right away, got a sprout already up that will go into a solocup hempy pot with just one of those screens, mostly to help figure out this strategy before i make a big cross shape-bonsai-mother.
  13. I'll be checking in! I just wish mine would grow a tad quicker.
  14. so i work graveyards at the local dennys, and when i got home the wierdest thing had happened over night,

    but first a little background info in case it was missed,

    i soaked my seeds and "planters Pride"starter plugs in Brita filtered water, the plugs are extremely dense so i loosend them up by cutting of the top fabric and pulling out about 1/3 of the soil. After 24hrs the seeds went into the plug.

    then under 24hrs of 1-23W 6500K CFL, 1-13W CFL Blacklight, and 1-60W incandescent, (i know what EVERYONE says about incandescents and Black lights, but it works amazing, the "useless" IR light (from the incandescent) and UV-B (from the blacklight) penetrate the soil way better than just visible light.... but with the recent injury of a seedling(which did not recover) it has just been 2-23W 6500k CFLs over the seedlings that have sprouted to date,

    anyways, what happened is when i came home one of the seedlings (under 1/2 inch) was all messed, it was kinda wilted looking, and looked dried out, but it was stilll a nice green, and not dry... so being the problem solver i am i decided to give the plug a squeeze and see if maybe it was just too wet, and to my surprise the seedling practically jumped out at me, it landed on the table, and made a "tink" sound, hahahaha wierd right? well it seems to me that the seedling cracked the seed and started to grow all normal like, except where the seed usually stays on the leaves it had not this time, it stayed on the end of the taproot, only the taproot never grew anywhere, it coiled up in the seed, it came out to about 1 inch long when i cracked the seed off,

    has any one heard of this before?

    anyways i carefully buried the root part again and made sure the leaves were clean from dirt and just barely above the soil.... now neither stem nor root got broken but that is a lot of shock for a plant that was still a seed a week ago...

    I know plants survive being root bound, you just gotta give the roots more space, but does anyone know if the plant is resiliant enough to survive that kind of action? or is it now a waste of energy to try and save it...
  15. Weird. Id plant it and see what happens. As long as it didnt dry out and die then I would think it would come back. If its a good seed heck yes try and save it haha
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    i got over 100 bagseeds that im taking from as practice, my only guaruntee for genetics will be these 2 master kush bagseeds, i am going to make a kush mama after i get more practice.

    its been 5 hrs since i had to re-bury her root, no signs of recovery other than right after the first spray of water with the root stretched out back in soil, if it survives this i am going to veg it for as long as possible, and LST/top the hell outta it, cuz i figure if it lives through this stress its one tough b!tc#

    and if it doesnt, i may have to record it for guiness, "Smallest Pot Plant to get root bound and die"

  17. Haha cool. Yeah practice some crazy techniques on her. I myself have so many in veg right now I dont know what to do with them. Have any crazy ideas? :smoke:
    Where the heck do people get bagseeds.. I seriously, have ever only bought one sack with seeds ever. And I knew this beforehand from a club it was so cheap. I never, ever get a seed in my weed lol. I want one! Its funny, Im the guy in my group whos secretly hoping someone gets a seed so I can take, while theyd be disgusted at seeing seeds (they dont know I grow).
  18. lol, it has taken me a year to get this many, i have gotten a few the way you plan on it, but in Saskatchewan we get ditch shit, literally, i know of a few grows that are just a bunch of seeds tossed in a low wet spot.

    and a bunch of my seeds are from a good friends grow, the dispensary/grower here sells pollen, the plants he pollinated were northern lights, and it was excellent, he hardly dusted them, in 4 ounces i got 23 seeds so it didnt rob much from thc, and he ended up getting i think 200 seeds back to him from 6 plants.

    see up a few posts, i plan on doing a cross shaped LST, ever try super cropping? just keep all the leaves to a minimum, gives the plant more energy for growth... ill post pics soon, i just gave mine a wicked "haircut" (the third one), left two sets of leaves on the ends of each branch, growth rate doubled for 4 days the first time i trimmed her, and 4 days the second time as well.
  19. Update DAY 40

    i forgot to mention that beyond LST i am trying to "super crop". Today she got her third "hair cut" i left four leaves at the end of every branch/top

    Haircut 004.jpg

    shes so bald and homely lookin....:eek:

    Haircut 001.jpg

    i know it looks like a hack job, but it is how i did it to her before, and growth rate explodes for a while after.... :p

    anyways gotta go enjoy the fruit of someone elses labours... strain unknown, but it smells really sweet'n'sticky :metal: and it was definately harvested at the perfect time, nice hairs and a nice light green color...:hello:

    001.jpg :smoking:
  20. Hey there DyeNasty, good work on the grow so far. I'll def be tuning in for this one. I have had success LSTing in the past but I never tried it with CFLs. I like your ambition and look forward to seeing the final product.

    As far as your last post is concerned, it looks very healthy just consider while in veg the more foliage, the faster the plant will grow because of photosynthesis taking place. As you first put it into flower you will want to make sure that the bud sites are pruned in a manner that allows for the greatest light penetration.

    Keep up the good work!

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