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    Hi GC!!:wave::D
    So im fairly new to all this, :eek: the forums, and growing,
    i didnt know where the best place to post my journal would be, but for now i hope here is good cuz its def a micro grow, i havent been keeping a journal to date but i want to start, pictures of progress to date will be added, please be patient,

    my first plant is almost 1 week into flower now at a total of 6 weeks old, it was hard startin, i kinda just put a seed in some water one night while high, lol, needless to say the next few weeks after that were tedious, i spent hours on GC researching and figuring out how i wanted to go about getting the most outta my efforts,:rolleyes: i dont have too many pics of the grow space ATM, and i definately dont have any of my first space, but for the sake of this journal i will describe it as best as possible

    i had partitioned my closet with cardboard so with only one side closed the light was blocked out, i was using an old hanging lamp from the 60s i think, i just used i coat hanger through a loop in the chain to hang it from the rod, totally adjustible:hello:, i am currently using it for germing :D, after 1 week i knew i NEEDED more light so i cheaped out and bought a $10 work light, i removed the cage thing and used a y splitter in both lamps, quadrupling my light, she loved it,

    now once i researched more i knew i would need something for a flowering chamber so i could control the smell, since the cardboard and lamp, i now have a (roughly 20x24x36) knock-off rubbermaid bin, with a 50CFM bathrooom vent fan sucking the air out and pushing it to an exhaust fan i have in my bedroom window, i am using a PC box fan to circulate the air across my baby(s), and i have a 4 socket bathroom vanity fixture with y splitters, my lights are CFLS, 2-42W 3500k, 2-23W 6500K, 4-23W 2700K, and my box is lined with $5 emergency blanket from the camping section, :D

    i am now germing 4 seeds(in planters pride starter plugs) to put into 16oz cups, i am going to test on 2 of them for SOG techniques, the other two will just grow, they are all going into the flower chamber as soon as they have leaf sets, i am starting my seeds with 1/8th strength Schultzs bloom builder (5-30-5), and i will be feeding them botanicare :p pure blend soil formula pro bloom (1-4-5);) devils juice:devious:

    now for a parade of pics :hello::wave::smoke::D
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    so it would seem my earliest pics of my first, named jasmine, where on my phone that got stolen :mad::eek: but these are stil from pretty early on




    lovin the new lights but hot and over watered :eek:
    i figured i would try nutrients, and despite what was said about MG and about mixing brands, i did what i felt was necessarry for me at the time and i used powdered MG 24-8-16 at 1/4 strength every other watering, and schultzs liquid bloom builder 5-30-5 at 1/4 strength the times i didnt use MG,

    and even with all the no-no about it, well you be the judge this next pic is 5 days after she was over watered


    see shes lookin strong :D

    and it would seem i have another gap in my pictures, but here she is in flowering chamber, as you may be able to tell, i topped her and bent her over to start LST about 5 days before i started her on 12/12, i also gave her quite a hair cut when i did this, about half her foliage, all lower leaves that still got no light after bending,

    i only refer to it as her because from the best i can tell at 5 days in flower all signs are pointing towards female flowers, just waiting for the hairs to make an appearance, my temps were running a bit high, but i got it under control sorta, i had to remove the DIY granulated carbon filter i made,

    ps she is now on botanicare 1-4-5
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    wow less pics than i thought, oh well this journal is kinda mostly about the little 4, my 2nd grow,

    i plan on getting pics of the revamped box, and exhaust setup, but i have to wait until the lights kick on to go near it,

    i will also keep updating with pics of my next 4 as soon as i have activity to report on, :D

    lookin forward to spending quite a bit of quality time here on GC, (besides lurking)

    Input, Advice, or even just positive reinforcement is much appreciated,
  4. Sweet dude you finally started your journal :D

    Your first plant is looking great so far! Hope it turns out to be a girl. Can't wait to see your revamped setup, I'll be watching! :wave:

    one thing though, isn't 5-30-5 the wrong formula for veg? I thought you were supposed to go Nitrogen heavy?
  5. thanks man :wave:
    i was usin it to promote root and stem growth, and the miracle grow was extremely high in nitrogen, also, every bottle of seedling/cutting nutes i have seen have been about that same ratio as that,

    i dunno what the "pros" might say, but i say it made a huge difference for me, she slowed down a little recently as i have been flushin for the past week to start Botanicare on my next feeding.;)
  6. Here are some pics of my flowering box :wave:

    march 16th 001.jpg
    kinda not very stealth if it gets seen, but seeing as we rent our own place, smell was our only concern, :smoke:
    you can kinda tell how the exhaust works, that fan just sucks it right out the window, best i can do until i can afford something that will push through my filter,

    march 16th 003.jpg
    this is the inside where i flower, there is currently one Y splitter and a 23W 6500K CFL being used to germ my next seeds,:D

    NEW UPDATE! :hello::wave:

    march 16th 005.jpg
    Yay,:hello: two of the seeds have sprouted, they are the ones my GF picked, the tall one on the right came from the biggest of all my bagseed and the small one on the left is from the smallest seed,:devious:

    i really hope my two come up soon, i might never hear the end of it if she picked the good seeds and i picked duds,

    march 16th 006.jpg

    thanks in advance for any feedback, :smoke::wave:
  7. UH OH! so in the name of teaching im letting my girlfriend transplant her own plants... and oops, it would seem the biggun got bent, real bad, had to throw it... so we are now germinating the next biggest seed in the bunch, hopefully it will be able to catch up to the two that havent shown yet...
  8. and in a spur of genius i buried the little seedling, right to the bottom of its leaves, the break was up high so its still a long shot, but if it survives i might have to keep it for a mother, good genetics and all...
  9. fixin 001.jpg
    fixin 002.jpg

    "gigantosaurus rex aka. REX" buried to the bottom of the green, in 2/3 perlite, 1/3 organic moisture control MG soil(that seems like mostly peat moss)... we are definately hopin for the best from this one.... still germin another just in case...
  10. I really like your tub, I might have to copy that idea instead of adding another cabinet to my grow. Subbed!

  11. :wave: thanks glacier, ive seen a lot of different setups in bins, figured it was an excellent idea, your cabinets pretty sweet as well, im thinkin of making a 6ft one myself.
  12. I believe its a female! i dunno for sure, might even be too early still, here are some pics of preflowers.

    Flowers 001.jpg

    Flowers 005.jpg

    Flowers 007.jpg

    Flowers 008.jpg

    Flowers 003.jpg

    Can someone please tell me if i am correct, i would really like to know,
  13. Looks to early to tell sex.
  14. allright, thanks for lookin
  15. quick, top her!

    well not really a rush, but i would top her.

  16. thanks for the advice :wave:
    but i topped and bent her over on the third, been LSTing since(2 weeks), been on 12/12 for 1 week, and she just got her first feeding of botanicare, at midday today,
  17. sorry, cloud of bong smoke obscured my vision ;)

    i would top her again :)
  18. oh? i was worried about too much stress right before flowering, i woulndt want to make it come out male, and will it recover faster now that its in flower? it took 5 days to show growth where i cut it last time..
  19. that's ok, it will recover, just think, where there is one, there could be two, where there are two, there could be four.

    I've seen people top weeks into flower before. takes a little longer but worth the payout in the end

    i topped the hell out of my current grow, check out the last pics for results

    i topped my center twice, there are 4 nice main colas now :)
  20. awesome that looks amazing, i think i will find my clippers, also, i am sure it would work but can you/have you ever tried topping the side branches? all 8 are lookin better than my current 2 tops,

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