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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by dickfish, May 13, 2010.

  1. Hello grasscity, i have been reading this fourm for a little bit now, and have finally decided to grow myself... i am in a 4' by 5' closet. i have lights, fan, cold air supply, and a way to get the air out... my question to you is, do i need a "carbonfilter" fan, or will my homedepot bathroom fan do the trick?
    this is my grow room that i am setting up
    that little hole leads to a vent that leads outside the apt.
    Imageshack - photo3at.jpg
    Imageshack - photo2wv.jpg
    Imageshack - photozf.jpg
  2. Nice way to vent! No way the air is going into the building?
  3. no, there seems to be a faint wind dircection twards the vent(which is outside) my only question is will i need to buy a carbon filter entire vent system or can i just use a little fan that pumps out 50cfm?
  4. it takes some ass to pull air through a carbon filter at the rate you need. You can always try it and if it doesnt work go get a inline fan.

    That said, The rule of thumb is to replace the air every 3 minutes, some people say 5.

    So 50 cfm wont cover much area.

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