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    I'm new and trying out a grow on a very small budget. I'm in the UK and been trying out these auto-flower strains in our climate. I successfully germinated my Autoflowering Little Kushy Automatic Feminised seed and planted it in to light soil in a 1 gallon (? It's 20cm x 20cm x 10cm of soil) tub. The seedling hatched nicely by about day 2 in just sunlight in my windowsill. 
    For a few days I had it just out on the balcony taking up the first of the British sunshine, but I've noticed it's only got four small leaves and it's just growing quite tall at the moment.
    I'm on a budget but I thought I ought to get it under some lights... At the moment I'm using a household CFL flourescent bulb in a lamp fitting with a foil reflector. Seems it's a 'T3 Spiral 240v 20W B22 3500K'. I also have a fairly cheap blue and red LED "grow light" to supplement the CFL. It's about 64 diodes split approx 4:1 E27. This arrangement has only been set up today - previously it has really just been in nice, organic, albeit shy British sunshine. 
    I'm watering little and often to keep the soil from going too crusty, but also not to drown her.
    I'm on day 6 now and I'm fairly sure I should be getting more bush and less upwards skinny growth... Am I doing something wrong? Is it the lights?
    Let me know what you think / any tips. I know this set up is pretty ghetto but I'm a student and I wanna go cheap. Hence the cheap LED as a supplement... I've also seen journals where people have used household CFLs so I'm hoping I'm doing the right think.
    Quick Edit: Forgot to add that I've got a 'Starlight PAR 38 20w = 100w Flood Spotlight Reflector 6400K Daylight White CFL' ordered and on it's way... Fairly sure that's what I need to stop the stretching (thanks to Kamel's CFL guide).


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  2. I'm sure someone else is going to ask but how far are the lights away from the top of your plant. I'm new to growing and have received a lot of happy and helpful advice. Im willing to share, oh and also UK gardener here.
  3. Good to see another UK grower! I've got the lights set up so that the CFL is about 3-4 inches and the LED about 6 inches. It's tough to really get the CFL any closer as I'm currently using household fittings. When I get more time in the next week or two I will try to put together something a bit more practical.
    Appreciate any advice!
  4. Get some books or something try and get both to around 2 inch as its will stop it from "stretching" to reach the light. Also if you can get a fan on it to strengthen the shoot up by adding a wind. And yes there is a few of us on here from the UK but I will also add it is slightly harder for us UK growers with grow shops being few and far between.
  5. Plus I noticed you only got 20w try and aim for around 100-125w as well. I've had very slow growth with mine being a total of 25w but the flood will help when you get it but bare in mind the heat so it will need to be more towards the 16-18 inch possibly more
  6. If you can check the sprout a few times a day get that light within an inch, put some more soil around the stem and get a fan blowing on it to strengthen up the stem.  Let the soil dry out completely and give it a good watering, I hope you have good drainage.  When the soil starts drying out give it a few shots of water, let it dry out completely and give it a good watering again.
  7. More light, add perlite to your soil. What is your soil its in? Ph balance your water before you feed it too, im uk too and I need to add 14 drops of ph down to every 2 litres of water, it will vary depending on where you are but our tap water isn't the right ph, you need to adjust it.

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    Hi Peely,
    I was going to add perlite to my soil but as I say I'm on a budget. I know it doesn't cost very much though so it's on my shopping list for my next grows (I've got a Lemon Auto and an Easy Ryder to try out at some point). Got the 6400k 20w CFL arriving tomorrow which will put the total wattage (both 3500k and 6400k CFLs and LED) to approx 50-55W. 
    I've already noticed the effect of the CFL: the leaves getting larger overnight and if I look very closely I can see the second set of leaves beginning to sprout. 
    It's in multipurpose compost.

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