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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Johnson215, Aug 22, 2019.

  1. FBF75590-A003-41ED-8B24-77448C3763F1.jpeg 757E75D1-3F9F-45D1-BF12-71A5F5521387.jpeg 0956DC95-6BEB-4167-BCC2-AE198FD017F4.jpeg A1A935C7-D1B5-4AD3-BDA7-48B62F804792.png D21A3FC2-B0E2-4146-BB32-5ABF4E6E62BD.jpeg FD17D3D6-9504-4535-B313-9D0CE1B76BD0.png A3DE708B-1AC7-426B-9E77-9CCA108B5040.jpeg A63F5E5E-DAC1-4884-A7A8-AB544E27AA08.jpeg 5633569B-9E15-4C4E-BD52-C0439B7E4A49.jpeg F46FE9CA-8F7A-4431-94E8-9B701A7116C9.jpeg First time grower here and just wanted to see if you guys would do anything different for your plants to help them grow. So today makes day 18 since my seedling have sprouted and been under 18/6 light schedule. On day 14 the plants were transferred. They get watered with 6.5-7 ph balance water every 4-5 days. No nutrients added yet. However most of the knowledge I have it from watching YouTube day and night. However, I’d like to get opinions of anything different that would make the growing process easier since this is my first grow or even so common tips that a beginner should know. Any tips for the future... anything, all advice big or small is helpful.

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