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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by RubyLemon, Jul 29, 2014.

  1. So I recently started growing in my closet but the conditions just arent cutting it for me and I'd like to maybe do more than just the one. SO I was browsing around online looking at grow tents and had a few questions.
    Let's say I want to do 6 plants. Will a 4' x 4' tent using 1 600W super hps bulb work?
    This is what I was looking at:
    there's a combo deal where you can get the tent and lights.
    I just want to know what I could be growing in one of soil
    The one plant I do have is currently under a cfl light and i think sh's sexy so i'm kinda scared to change it up i need help!
    Thought I'd ask some experienced growers before shelling out the cash.
    Thanks in advance :)
  2. Buy the light first. hang that fucker and get growing then think about tents and all the other stuff you dont need.
    Lights are key, Id buy a 1,000 watt and go big. hang $25 worth of Mylar from the ceiling for a tent and watch the grass grow.
  3. the light is more important. i dont think u can fit that many plants into that size if i read it right.
  4. Well I just wanted the tent cause I don't have a very good light tight area that's all. OK maybe I'll look into a larger one

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  5. I don't know much about lights the one I'm using now says it's 1610 lumens. I included a pic of my set up. Any tips or specific brands of light and equipment available to me in Canada would be so awesome

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  6. Pretty solid plan you got there. But the most plants i would put in there is probably no more than 4... if you want to get more than 2 oz/plant. I'm guessing thats what you want if you're gonna go through all the trouble of growing right.
    A 600w is pretty good for a 4x4.. it'll get you enough light to have 4 ladies pretty healthy in there. You might want to get a fan and a carbon filter too if you're worried about smell and heat. (which you really should be with a 600w). If you want you could also do a SCROG in a 2x4 tent with the light setup and get some 5-8 oz per plant if you do it right.
    Any way u want to go... the light is most important. Next is insulation... make sure you have constant airflow in there to avoid pests and heat. Good luck man!
  7. UPDATE** This is the route I ended up just to wait I guess :)

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  8. [​IMG]
    Have I peaked your interest?

    Good :smoke:

    Here's a link to some past grows, using the very same tent and a single 600w bulb.

  9. My woooooord that was some sexual eye candy

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  10. A person who equates sex and cannabis?

    Now my interest is peaked! ;)
  11. They go well together.

    now I got my lil grow show on the go go I'm thinking I might buy a small tent and another 400 watt HID just for vegging and utilizing the larger space for flowering ...I'm setting up my closet for cloning once the time comes. I like everything to have its own space. Ja feel?

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